Axo Dually's - nice price, limited sizes

Only size 42 and 47 available. $27.95

hmmm, that’s about my size…

Wow, thanks for the tip. Mine are on their way.

What a great deal! Unfortunately they want to charge 100 USD to ship to the UK :roll_eyes: Och well.

Those are 8.5 and 12+ size in the US… suck to have my feet @ lovely 11.


i have size 8.5 feet but i dont have a credit card.sombody with one should order the size 42 and trade them to me for somthing.

Did you every get Mr. Nutz $$$ for the shirt? If so, send me a shipping address and you can send me a check (just lay off the Pap’s Blue Ribbon). I’ve been told the old Duely run’s small.



i said Trade,not send check across the states.C-nuts sould get his Wheaties by next week ive been to busy closing the deal on my KH20,its in Canada now.

how long do these boots last?
my latest pair of charity shop trainers are about to die, they were as new worn twice when i got them a few months ago, its the sideways ww thats killing them

AXO Dually in the UK

Chain Reaction Cycles are selling AXO Dually boots for 39.99 UKP in sizes 36, 37 and 42. All in stock apparently. I’ve just ordered me a pair… my forth. That’s not to say I’ve gone through 3 sets already… I just want to stock up on the best boot ever made before they disapear completely.

Anyroad, check out for details if you’re interested.