axo dually probs?

hey guys,

just wondering if you’re having issues with your dually’s. i ripped out 2 of the suede eyelets about 7 months ago (the pins on my pedals yanked them out after a upd). these shoes are only 8 months new. anyway, another eyelet broke a month ago (one of the plastics ones this time). seems like the laces are cutting through the plastic stuff.

so i’m wondering if it’s just me lacing them too tight or what?

i really love these shoes, but don’t want to keep replacing them every few months.

thanks for any info.

Re: axo dually probs?

Mine are about 10 months old. I’ve ripped most of the suede eyelets out but th plastic ones are intact. I guess once you get down to the plastic eyelets, it sounds like it might pay to be careful and not wail on them too much when tightening.

Despite this design flaw, they are still by far the best Muni shoe in my opinion - comfortable, good ankle protection, great grip, and just the right amount of stiffness in the sole. I’m getting ready to buy a backup set. I beat mine up pretty good, and despite the eyelet issue, the rest of the shoe has held up really well.


okay, so it seems that the prob has to do with the shoes. i did email vsp about it. they guy replied the next day asking for info so that he can send me a return #. i did reply, but still no answer, and it’s been about 2 weeks.

one option i was thinking of was to just poke some new eyelet holes to be able to use them longer.

i think i’ll try a different brand next time.

After 1 month the Intense shoes are holding up really well. They have good ankle protection and SUPER grip.

Concider these shoes if you can find a pair.

I have had the same problems with my duallys. I have had to put in grommets to replace both the ridiculous plastic loops and the suede loops. What were they thinking? None-the-less, these are the best shoes that I’ve found. I’ve had mine for a year and the wear at the ankles is a testament to where I need the protection. Hey Checkernuts, where are the Intense shoes?

You can get a good picture here. $79. These look tempting.

These shoes look great - just enough ankle protection. At first I was concerned about the lacing through that light webbing but I have a pair of Merrels, that I wear EVERY DAY, that are designed the same way and they are holding up great after more than a year! My wish list is expanding! Thanks.

My concern with the Intense shoes is that soles may wear quickly if you walk in them, especially on pavement. You’ve only had yours a month so it would be hard to tell, but you noticed excessive wear on the sole?

One nice thing about the AXO Dually is that the sole doesn’t wear a lot from walking. The sole on my AXO’s are still going strong after at least a year of use.

John I’m a bit confused about your post. Walk? why not ride?

I just use these shoes for riding, I cant glide yet so the soles dont take that kind of abuse either. I have a pair of Vans which I love for riding too, but have taken a back seat to the Intense shoes. Now the intense shoes are part of my pre ride check list if you will. I put them on when I put my roaches and other gear on.

They havent been fased at all by the DK pedals which have torn through a good pair of vans in no time at all. If that makes any difference.

I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated if there are any problems with these kicks.