Axle repair

Hi again.

Jeff and I and found the easiest way to repair the defective axle on our
CyclePro – we welded the cranks to the axle and were done with it. The
frame still separates from the hub, so we can change the tire and innertube
when we need to.

It looks good and we no longer have to worry about cotter pins! I may even do
the same to my “Savage” unicycle that I just purchased to prevent the cranks and
axle from deteriorating over time…

A quick catch up on the Savage – the seat is comfy, but not very well secured.
The shaft does not secure quite tight enough and the seat rotates and tilts as I
ride. The pins holding the frame to the hub are just screws; they come loose as
I ride, just as on the CyclePro.

I’m not really very happy with it. It was cheap, though, and it works. I’ll
probably be in the market for a “real” unicycle in a few months… if it lasts
that long.

Staying on top, Tramm

o /|\ << 504/865-4227