Axion Double Jump Pedals. Anyone use em?

I just ordered a set of Axiom Double Jump pedals for my Trials/Street setup.

They seem pretty sweet, removeable pins, magnesium body. The only thing i wish they had was cartridge bearings but that ok.

Anyways, has anyone used these or does anyone use these? I just wanted a kind of review on them. Hows the strength. Do they grind well or should i get a Grind Plate aswell?



I would get a grind plate just in case because theyre only $10, but thats just me. I’ll do a search on them realy fast.

they look pretty good. the reflectors will probably fall off though.:slight_smile:

Yeah…Cuz you kno reflectors are my main concern… :roll_eyes:

Both of my reflectors on my grind side came off first day, the first one came off on my first pedal grab. And they slide better than many grind plates, because they are made of a very dense material that doesn’t scratch easily by other less dense materials, such as steal and the like, so they will slide better than steal or many plastics will.

O and they are advertised (at least at my bike shop) as being fully removable pins, this is not true. The two pins that are mounted ontop of the spindle are set into the metal and have no way of being unscrewed. I just sanded them down after like half an hour with a piece of sandpaper took a while but it was worth it.

Don’t waste $10 on a grind plate. You can make one out of a plastic cutting board for very cheap. They slide well too.