Axiom Pedals

I just got some sweet pedals for christmas. Their axioms (or something like that), the got replacable pins, and sealed bearings. Their awesome. I would strongly recommend them for anyone looking a for a good grippy pedal. But their is other axiom pedals out there that suck horribly. They don’t have replacible pins and they suck. They are really grippy due to sharp spikes around the pedal. But if you ever slip and hit your legs, they’ll be torn apart in seconds. They also tare up shoes fast. Their blue and silver. I recommend the black axiom pedals with replacible pins, but I wouldn’t recommend the crappy blue and silver ones. The good ones are about 100 canadian, and the crap ones are around 35 canadian( i think).

Well of course they rock, they’re Norco.
I’m assuming you got the Axiom Road Gap pedas here?

My favorite pedals are still the Atom Lab Aircorps, but the Norco pedals are less expensive. $110 Canadian is better than $110 American.

Yup, those are the ones. The crap ones are the AXIOM STEP-UP FLAT PEDALS. My friend has them, he barely hit himself once and he was complining about it all night. I don’t really like norco unicycles though. They always brake or fall apart.

i like the pedals with pins that can penetrate muscle tissue. with my new onza :smiley: came pedals that look like bulletproofs, smell like bulletproofs, taste like bulletproofs, but have 3 extra pins per side and the pins are literally twice as long. my middle name is dangerous…

Ok, good for you!:slight_smile:

hey dont know how old this post is, BUT yes those pedals are awesome. I bought mine for 60 canadian, a great deal from a buddy of mine. They are grippy as heck so wear the leg armour if you have it.