Awsome day of learning today!

I know not many of you care, but I’m sure some of my “fans” might. Well, today I made a lot of progress. I glided farther than I ever have, for one thing. Second, I can go at least 5 feet backwards wheelwalking. Finally, I perfected a really fast spin with a backwards ride out of it. I am so proud of myself. :smiley: I am positive that by this next week I’ll have bwds ww down pat! Yay! Watcha think, everyone?

-Tyler :sunglasses:

Cool. Change your avatar, you stole the idea from me.

and who are these people

I cant wait till your in 8th grade lol. Then try and find some free time. CANT WAIT TILL SUMMER!!!


awsome! Today i learned to crank stall/grab and one footed riding!

Yeah, 8th graders are sure busy people. Try working 50-60 hours a week.

lol, I only tell him what I can relate to :slight_smile:


that’s pretty brilliant!! I’ve tried backwards wheelwalking, and it is not easy… good job!

You! Look at my sig!

Indeed, backwards wheelwalking ain’t the easy, I’ve tried. So congrats on that…although you really shouldn’t call yourself a hardcore computer geek if you use that many gifs…so 90’s. :-P.

edit: whoops, mixed up threads. congrats all the same :-).

well i think i leanred the most i could with a broken unicycle, i glid for about 45 feet the other day, first time ive ever used a hill to try to glide, and i got 19 kicks stand up ww AND school out so its all the better


Ive never wheel walked backwards more than a few feet, ive only tried a few times in my garage, well done.

And I think you should change your avatar:D

Me, for one. I like hearing how Tyler is progressing.

Backwards wheel walk seemed to take forever to learn, but it is definitely a nice skill to have. My latest acquisition is stand-up wheel walk backward. I managed about 30 steps yesterday, and I can sometimes even get into it free-handed from idling.

You guys are showing me up so bad!

However, I’m quite proud of my progress over the past few days riding backwards and one-footing it. I also got a cycle computer for my 20", and after two days it’s sitting at 28.5km, because I ride that thing further than I should :smiley:


nice, tyler. hope you continue to get even better.