Hey guys (and gals) check this out

awesome shame they are quite expensive :frowning:


Talk about thinking outside the box! Interesting that he prefers bike saddles. And I can’t get over that coker! I love the cranks with the multi-pedal positions, it’d be nice if he made a square taper one with 150, 125, and 110 positions.

I wonder though how worth it it is to make a frame out of titanium. Unicycle frames don’t usually break. I would like a set of adjustable cranks though.

Everything definately looks well-made, and I’m sure it’s all worth what he’s asking, but still a bit too much for my wallet.

I totally respect anyone able to break away from paradigms like this.

the guy sounds quite open to enquiries
maybe u should check how much that’ll cost u before deciding it’s too expensive?

My feelings exactly. WOW!!! For what this fellow is offering, his prices seem very reasonable to me. Beautifully designed Unis. --chirokid–