awesome vid.

this is the awesomest unicycling i have ever seen! here’s the link. also wat are the songs playing? can someone tell me? i want those songs on my ipod…

thats nowhere near the best ive seen.
and i really hated those songs:o

and u also stole some1 elses sig :slight_smile:

Heeehee. Sorry, but if that is the best unicycling vid youve ever seen you need to check out some more vids. Ever heard of Shaun Johanneson? Kris Holm? Dan Heaton? Ryan Atkins? Just to name a few. Here are some links to movies that youshould watch, and one trailer.

It’s not that bad video, I realy like it (but with other music and a bit shorter it would be much better)
How ever, if you think it is the best, visit to see all those videos that grawistkafn recomand

i have seen better vids too, i ment it was awesome cause the dude’s got buds that unicycle too…i wish i did. and whose sig did i steal? that’s my sig on…sorry i stole it.

I love the intro to this movie.

Ben Turely, if you’re out there, good job! Keep making movies.

omg!!!did that hurt wen u, or the other guy fell off the roof!!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

The Under No Influence trailer is by the same guys and is way better.

And it has good acting.

IF thats the best you have seen, your missin the good stuff… the guys hops were like 20CM high! a lot of people on the forums can jump over 70 cm…