Awesome trick for cleaning chrome

I just learned about a way to clean nasty chrome that seemed ridiculous but turns out to be absolutely true. You’ll probably have to try it yourself to believe it. Wet the neglected chrome with a wet towel then rub it with wadded up aluminum foil. Polish with a dry towel then be amazed!

My testimonial:

I just bought a used Schwinn Giraffe that is 29 years old. The chrome was looking pretty sad. I washed it then used my favorite chrome cleaner - “Never Dull.” This is wadding with light oil in it that I previously thought was great stuff. With a lot of effort it cleaned up the chrome reasonably well. I then read of the aluminum foil trick so I tried it on the Giraffe the next day. With much less effort I removed considerably more gunk. This was gunk that I couldn’t remove using a product made specifically for the task and applied with a lot of effort.

Crazy but true!


I’ve used No7 chrome polish, available at car parts stores. My first uni is a 30+ salvage project from the flea market. It took a lot of polish and rags to get it looking decent.

I’ll definitely try the foil trick on my next restoration project.

Thanks for the tip!


I used “Never Dull” to wash my unis, it works really well! But I lost my little box, I wish I could find it again, it polishes too:)

Cool! cleaning tips here. Mine is just a simple cleaning routine. I put what available polish i get just to make it shinny and clean. A simple and proper maintenance will the do.