awesome! they sponsored me!

I know this almost bragging but: woo hoo! the mcbike bikesop sponsored me for unicycling! hooray!:):smiley:

what do u get for free?


Your a lucky guy, I wish I was good enough to get sponsored lol. Good on you. How did you go about doing it, I’d love to find out, and what sort of stuff do you get?


Well, I think I only get 30 percent off everything in the store, but they gave me a free $79 jursey.

Well I went about getting sponsored by emailing the bikeshop,
telling them a little about me and the sort of stuff I do on my unicycle, then I just asked them if they were interested in sponsoring me. They told me to come out to the redsand lake bike race and do a little demo, so I put on a little show by hopping big gaps on picknick tables,doing a pick-up mount, one-foot riding, hopping over logs, and stuff like that.

I don’t get killer deals or free stuff all the time but its definatly a step in the right direction, as I plan to get super-duper* good and try to get sponsored by norco and stuff, maybe even make my own frame disign.

*please excuse me for the use of such a stupid word.

Congratulations! That’s great news.

“Violinist and unicyclist”
“super-dooper good”
“sponsored by Norco and stuff”
“my own frame design”

…sounds familiar to me. :slight_smile:


haha, I guess your talking about kris holm.

Re: awesome! they sponsored me!

very kewl
first order of bussiness is to get them to change their name to McCycle Cycleshop!

and then to keep in mind that u’re now employed by them

remember that generations of unicyclists after u will want to get sponsorships and if u treat your sponsor well and turn out to be good value for money, they’ll be more likely to want to sponsor unicyclists in future or increase your sponsorship

i’m sure some of the sponsored riders who use this forum will be willing to share some suggestions with u
just keep in mind that these people are in bussiness and didn’t sponsor u because they’re nice people, but because they believe that doing so will improve their bussiness
ie. more people will buy from them because they sponsored u
this will only happen if more people know about them because of u
so make sure u have their logo clearly visible at all times while u’re in the public eye
make sure u wear the cap when being interviewed on TV as they almost exclusively do head shots (hey! if u’re planning to go big, thinking about TV interviews is one of the basics)
make sure the press is informed whenever u appear anywhere
speak to the shop-owner about putting out a joint press-release about their decision to sponsor u
your local press will lap it up as this will be a story with a pretty unique angle that will land on their desks half-written
just make sure the press release is properly written
(u should be able to get a host of tips and suggestions from this forum, failing that, ask an english teacher at a local school)

i’m rambling now
i’ll shut up

well done on getting the sponsorship


good on you!

i’d love to get sponsered, maybe i should aproach a potato company or the woodland trust…:stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest we all get sponsored and take the “extreme” sports world by storm! no one will know what hit them when everyone starts riding unicycles!

But seriously, it’s not that hard to get sponsored if you really want to.