Awesome Sale and other UDC News

UDC is running a crazy 4 day cyber sale Killer Deals!

Also John entered a company video contest with Google and won.

Keep on riding!

bought stuff all ready!!!

Saw the KH 29er for $409 and got an adrenaline rush… but it’s the road version, not muni. :frowning:

Maybe some day.

It appears it would work as a muni provided you’re happy without being able to use really wide tyres. I’d have been interested in one of those until I checked out how much the shipping was!

free shipping over $300

Yeah… the tire, rim, and hub look to be street. Maybe some other differences too. I bet it would hold up to my 145 lbs and 12" or less drops. But then there will be some other future deal, UDC or otherwise, and I’ll have wished I waited. Good thoughts though.

Not to where I am!