Awesome new video from ME! "Loving the Alien"

Decided to try to film a new video today with my dad’s camera since he never uses it. The song I used caused the video to be blocked in some countries on Youtube so I’ve uploaded it to Vimeo as well. Some Sick stuff in there.



Edit there was a problem with the youtube one. Will link to it later.

You, sir, suck at life!

Where are the good trials areas in PDX? I’ve been playing around with a Torker DX20… want to get better. :smiley:

did you watch all the way to the end? There’s a good trick there and the credits haha

I like to ride at the zoo a lot. There’s some other random spots too. I’m working on finish my course in my backyard soon.

Haha, well played! :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, good one, except you gave it away on facebook.

cool… I need to make one in my backyard!

Absolutely agreed. Talk about ruining my whole day with that damn song.

Damn you april fools! Damn you to heck!

Only people on facebook who knew about it were people fans of Vooray.

Don’t worry I’ll make up for it soon. I found my family’s old tripod which means I’ll be able to get much better angles and stuff for the next video.

You really better, I dont think I could take another dissapointment like that.

Hahaha, awesome! :smiley:

XD that was funny

Youtube is up!

sorry for the wait. The thumbnail was being dumb.

Well, I wont be watching your spam anymore… thanks for wasting peoples time. :angry:

lighten up, it was an april fools joke. I was going to post up the link to the rickroll free version today anyway.



At the end: The unicylist is gone! Let the children play!:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice riding BTW don’t see the big deal about the video, I just fast forwarded.:smiley: