Awesome new Muni film "Numero Uno"

Thanks for the positive comments, everyone! :smiley:

I’ll make a smaller version tonight when I get home and try uploading it to the gallery… fingers crossed…

I’ll be looking forward to it…

that film rocked!

Here’s a smaller version of Numero Uno.


I tried downloading the smaller version, but my browser can’t find it. Do you know what the problem is?

Can somebody post up login info?

That would make it easy for everyone

WOW, what a beautiful video! Pro!
The music was sweet, the setting delightful and the riding totally inspiring. Well done guys!

I don’t think that would work because the site only allows a certain number of downloads a day. But, you can try my login.
Password: unicycle


Tony that video was awesome. Looks like some really fun trails to tool around on. Keep it up.


Yeah same thing happened to me…

Re: Awesome new Muni film “Numero Uno”

On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 23:52:11 -0600, “daino149” wrote:

>I tried downloading the smaller version, but my browser can’t find it.
>Do you know what the problem is?

Ditto here. A leftclick didn’t work, nor did a rightclick and Save As.

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The video can be found HERE until 03-03-2005
Simply right click and “save as”

See what I mean about not being able to upload large files to the galleries? The one I tried to upload was only 16MB and pretty low quality, so you’re not missing out on much.

Oh well Drew has solved the problem by helpfully hosting Numero Uno on his site. Thanks a lot Drew!


whoo hoo, 2 hours later on 56k i got it, thanx D.

nimbus X cranks and regular square taper hub revival! thats pretty amazing nothing broke.


Great riding. I really enjoyed the video. I haven’t ridden MUni in 4 months. I finished watching the vid and noticed this really really big smile on my face. Dang, it looks like fun. Someone send me a ticket. That is one great MUni playground!

That video was awesome! :astonished:

Great riding, that terrain looked like tons of fun. I was watching it with some non-unicyclists and they were amazed. :sunglasses:

You fly through those obstacles. Be sure to congratulate the camera man, I appreciated the low camera angles along with the gliding camera that followed you through the obstacles.

Nice vid.

Also, thanks for hosting it ChangingLinks

Dude that is so sick, really makes me just wanna ride muni, and the first jump was sweet


Yeah those cranks + a Suzue hub are pretty strong! They’ve done me proud for nearly three years. Soon I’ll upgrade to a KH/Onza hub.

These parts were broken in the making of Numero Uno:
Magura HS-11 brake lever (snapped off completely)
29" inner tube (Peter’s got shredded)
Two other pairs of cranks

Peter Bier was the camera man for most of the film.