Awesome new Muni film "Numero Uno"

My new Muni film is finished and ready for downloading. It was shot over the last two months mainly at Woodhill Forest and also includes riding at Rotorua, Napier and Tauranga. You’ll see plenty of structure riding, seesaws and jumps!

This film was made for the Home Grown Film Night - a ‘make your own film’ comp organised by Bikeparks to raise money for building more stunts at Woodhill. The other films will be made by MTBers, so hopefully they’ll enjoy the novelty of riding stunts on one wheel! The Film Night is on next Monday 28th Feb.

You can download Numero Uno here. You’ll need to get a login and password, but this is easily done (takes <5min). The movie is 42MB and 5min in length.

Please tell me what you think of my movie!


i cant get it to work!! :angry:

nor can i

I am downloading now. You have to wait for it to email you a link which activates the account. It still didn’t work at first, but then when I came back and clicked on the link in Tony’s post it worked.

I will let you know how it looks. (It will be a while)


why dont you just get a gallery here? :thinking: its so much easier

I’m also downloading it now. It’s a pretty slow download and a large file. Would it be possible to host it somewhere else? Like a gallery.

I do have a gallery. I haven’t been able to upload large files to the galleries in a long time. Believe me, I’ve tried many times! The uploading just stops after a while, even though the pop-up window says its still active…

sign up was quick as easy. hgowever i’m currently downloading the movie at a fantastically slow 10kb/s. i normally get 100kb/s no problem from servers that don’t suck. i’ll let everyone know how it is when it finally finishes.

Arhh so thats who is eating my bandwidth :wink: 10k here as well. Took a few times to connect. Looking forward to watching this one.

awesome movie that was some great riding!

That was worth the hassle of logging into the site, and waiting for the download.

Great video! The riding was really impressive.


what i saw was pretty cool. sadly for some reason i only got the first 1:30 on the ~5 mins. i’ll retry.

It took me three tries before I got the entire video. For some reason the downloads were ending before the file was done.

I finally got all 42 MB of it.

Very nicely done Tony. And good quality video too. A few of those ladder bridges were higher than I’m willing to go.

My download got cut off and the site said I exceeded my downloads for today. Could someone that already has it (JC) upload it to a gallery?

Unfortunately it’s too big to upload to the gallery here. And I don’t have any online place that’s big enough to hold a file that size. My web space is limited to about 20 MB.

Ahh Shoot.

But, the site did let me take one more crack at downloading. Don’t ask me why.

nice move I liked it, it reminded me of a mini north shore well actually really mini. BUT GOOD JOB

Very cool

got it all on the second try. some what higher speeds this time too. nice work. i liked it.

I finally got it working. Great job Tony! I really like that one jump in the beginning that you got a lot of air on. You should have done that on all the jumps.