Awesome 'new' learning crutch!

This was discovered by accident.

While a bicycle was being carried while riding the unicycle (man, the park shouting that instilled! … ‘Hey, why don’t you just ride the bike!’ etc…)

The bike was put down after becoming too heavy.

The unicycle was being ridden, and the bicycle was being pushed.

Picture, leaning on a wall as you try to learn how to ride a unicycle

Now, picture that wall being a bicycle, that you hold the left handle with your right hand (or vice versa)

You can practice your pedalling, as the bike rides beside you.

You still have to practice your balance, as the bike is very wobbly, yet nice to be there, just in case.

The more you ride, the less you lean on the bike

Of course, you’d want to change sides every now and again.

I’m going to recommend that to the ‘kids’ in my club who are having an unusually difficult time learning. (Even some with custom roach pads)

Same goes for a shopping trolley. It is like a moving set of handlebars with a really stable base. The advantage of using a shopping trolley over a bike, is that there is plenty of clearance for the pedals, because with a bike you might clash your pedals with the bike pedals while learning. There is no substitute for learning in the open though I think, riding against a wall or with any type of crutch is only useful for getting the hang of rolling with the wheel.

I agree completely

Although for those who choose to use a crutch, nothing beats (I would be led to believe) than a rolling kind


why not have the bike on its rear wheel? if you lean too foreward, you put on the brake slightly.

Shopping carts

I don’t know about using shopping carts for balance help but, they are really fun to use in a 2 man 2 team race around the shopping center. One person sits in the cart with their legs hanging out and the uni in riding position also hanging out of the cart. The other teammate gets behind the cart and pushes (on his uni of course). you do one lap and then switch places, and then do another. Whoever finishes first wins! As for rules, the only rule is that you have to stay on your uni. You can bash into your competitors all you want. This game is best played late at night when there are no cars or customers.