Awesome new freestyle video!

Check out my new freestyle video:

I’m really impressed of someone your age to be able to do all those things, but i guess it’s just me that’s a bit slow-minded and can’t face it that unicycleskill and age have nothing incomment…

Some more editing perhaps? :slight_smile:

I can’t watch this.

Another imaginative production from the studios of TylerCox.

My thoughs exactly, only I had a more blunt word than “imaginative”…

Next time try real music.

Nice vid. But please, use better music!

I think the creator of a video has all right to choose the music he wants to, it’s his video, you don’t have to watch it.

You’re not sopose to make the choise of music beeing afraid of what people are going to say about it later.

He wants people to watch it. How about if he made a movie where the music was the public alert system or porn noises?

If only someone made a video with that in the background I would watch it all the time…:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

If he wants to use wierd al, I think he should.
You could just mute the sound, culdn’t you?

Have you watched the video yet? The music is “I Can’t Watch This” by Weird Al Yankovic. It’s a parody of the MC Hammer song “Can’t Touch This”. The only thing that will get less respect than an MC Hammer song is a Weird Al Yankovic parody of an MC Hammer song. :slight_smile:

If you’re going to use a Weird Al Yankovic song in a video you’re going to have to expect some comments about the music.

You looked like you had some good skills, and the music dosent bother me (that much). Keep up the good work

A couple quick question and thought.

Did you just wake up one morning and say hey i think weird al should go in my video?

Or did someone suggest that?

And how did you get a hold of that music?

Weren’t you to young to get his CDs?

Did you put your video camera on a table or something and tape that yourself?

If you are going to do close ups why not wear a mask so noone can be an identity theif.

And when you go to walking the wheel do you go one footed untill your right foot is at the top and then switch over to the wheel?

sorry, I couldn’t watch the video for some reason, probably because windows media player on a mac sucks (thanks microsoft) and VLC can’t play it either. Oh well… I saw about 4 or 5 seconds of it when it decided to temporarily work and it looks like you’re pretty good, much better than me.

and the sound didn’t work for me since, again, WMP is horrible…but is it really a big deal anyways?

I’m pretty sure he downloaded it…

I ment how did he even know the song?

Wierd al is a pretty known artist among some people, even though alot of the people listening to him don’t knows the original that well.

Hey, I think the video AND the music is fun.

Way to go!


Nice video and, as i used to be a huge fan of weird al, liked the music but i would have picked a better all song…


ahhh some 11 year old just wheel walked and did a piroutte and all ppl can talk about is the music :roll_eyes:

nice job, keep making videos


Thanks! I kinda thought that video sucked, but I guess other than the music everyone liked it! I did film it myself by setting it on a bar stool. BTW, I can do backwards, seat in back, and a couple more tricks that I didn’t show in the vid. I can’t believe how good everybody thinks I am!!! :astonished: