Awesome Mountain Unicycling T-Shirts!

When telling a friend you mountain uni, have you heard, “are you going to join the circus and wearing a clown noise?”

Last week, I heard this one too many times and rather rashly hired a designer to make a wicked cool muni t-shirt for me. I got a sample on a white t-shirt and it looks awesome. Now I just need help covering the designer’s cost before my wife throws me out.

Check out:

The basic design is available on a variety of apparel and in a bunch of colors. Let me know what you think. If I can cover my costs, I’ll create more designs.


Nice design, but seems crazy overpriced.

I see your point, but I counter with the argument that I could buy any one of the multitude of unicycling shirts on Zazzle for $15.95.

And what am I getting in one transaction over the other? In both I get a T-shirt. Is one more durable or lasting than the other? I doubt it; my Zazzles seem to last forever, by tee-shirt standards. The only possible value added would be if I saw this design as so much more visually appealing than the cheaper ones as to warrant paying 82% more for it. And I just don’t.

The fact that it was designed by a professional artist would seem to not really have an effect on the calculus here, for me, the potential consumer. Is it a famous artist, whose work I follow normally? A limited edition whose value will appreciate? A one off made just for me, with attached emotional significance? A resounding “not likely” for all. Thus, I’m left looking at a shirt that is largely similar to, yet significantly more expensive than, comparable items.

Ergo, not really priced to market; overpriced.


Did you get Kris Holm’s permission for using his likeness on your shirt? You might want to reconsider the consequences of selling that shirt for profit.

My comments regarding thread:

  1. Agree – the pricing seems high – I will explore Zazzle to see if their prices are better. I am not make much on this – Printfection captures most of the price and charges a lot for dark colors.

  2. Was not aware the image has a Kris Holm likeness as I has this done by an outside designer. Will explore this issue as well.

Hmmm really? It’s a fairly well known image of Kris.

Maybe Kris ok’d it, but tbh the way the shirt is presented I kind of doubt it.

Hey, nice design. You should really contact Kris, though.
And I think, if it’s supposed to be worn while riding muni, it should rather be printed on to the appropriate material (Polyester) in order to be practical for actual riding.

oh maestro, you and the politics…

I hate polyester. it makes me look like i have pepperonis where my nipples are

i like the shirt, i am going to buy one

Yikes – i never saw that Kris Holm image. I will contact Kris immediately, take down the store, and blast my designer.

btw, does anyone know how I can contact Kris? In the meantime, the printfection store has been closed.

or just use the contact form on his website:

Good job Cliff, I hope that the designer hasn’t been paid! it would be good to know the conclusion of the story… feel free to name and shame him too (unless of course he already received permission without your knowledge, which would’ve been impressive).

Sounds like this shirt is busted, but anyway, the image is pretty confusing in my opinion. Especially if you don’t know the sport.
Pretend you’re a non-unicyclist.

It kind of looks like some mentally challenged guy holding a rugby ball getting nailed in the chest by some kind of watermelon-sized zucchini as he’s falling into a mysterious gooey mess.

Also, there is a single knobby wheel.

I don’t very many people will interpret this shirt as “I like mountain unicycling”.

I have checked with Kris and his exact words are:

“it’s completely cool with me if you want to keep selling the shirt. Hopefully you can cover enough of your costs to do a few more - our sport needs this kind of thing.”

It is unlikely that I will cover my designer’s cost, but I this is my humble attempt to give back to the community. If you like the shirt, buy it; if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I have only added a few dollars markup – you can see printfections’ cost on their site.

Printfection was selected after reading reviews of various direct-to-shirt printers like Cafepress, Zazzle, spreadshirt, etc. I have the shirt and the quality does seem to be very good – and survived washing so far. Note that you can order many colors, but they charge a lot more for dark colors.