Awesome Kid at MTBike review

he’ll be ready for the north shore in no time

That’s pretty impressive. I don’t know if I could do that.


So when is that kid going to show up at a California Muni Weekend and try to out ride Beau Hoover?

Beau may already have seen this pic of his future challenger. There was a ‘Beau’ who submitted a caption. Not sure if he is Beau Hoover though, his profile is empty.

Klaas Bil

I know that guy!

That amazing kid’s name is Jeffrey (i think thats how its spelled). I’m not sure of his last name but i will find out.

Jeffrey is the nephew of my former riding buddy, Ken, in Western Mass. Jeff lives in Deleware or New Jersey I believe. He has joined us a number of times on Muni rides when he was visiting Ken and Co. in Massachusetts.

Every time i see him he blows my mind even more! Hes got such incredible balance and he goes so fast on that 20 i have trouble keeping up with him on my 24!

The shot of him on the MTB forum was taken at a MTB race in MA. The seesaw was not part of the race but just something to play on near the tents where people were camping. He did the childrens MTB race on his UNI! If i remember correctly, he placed well too! That guy can’t be stopped!!

I joined him on my trials uni after this shot was taken to do a little riding. We ended up in a barn where Jeffry taught me how to make some crazy trials stuff out of barn board, logs, and other farm stuff laying around. I couldnt believe the technical stuff that he was pulling off in our own little course!

I havent seen him since this past summer, so im sure his already incredible skills have tripled since then!

Let me take this time to add that my name is Erik and i have ridden with this guy! When he turns pro in a couple years I would just like you all to remember that i have met him…I think i even shook his hand if im not mistakened. k, im done.

Keep it up Jeffrey!

Did anyone read the comments under that pic? Damn, a lot of people suck!

What are we lookin at? When I clicked on that link it just went to “hot deals”.

Hmmm. Pete, im not sure whats going wrong for you. The link did and still does work fine for me.

If things still aren’t working out:

go to

search for (on the left side) ‘unicycle’ under the discussions tab

click on “Unicycle kid narrowly escapes khaki short …” part way down

then click on “Photo Caption Contest”

There might be a faster way to do it but thats what i found worked quickly. I guess the link would be faster but its not working now is it? :slight_smile:

I dont get why all those mountain bikers were making fun of the kid and the sport on the comments under the picture, I guess they cant except the fact that anyone could ride a bike but it takes true skill to ride a uni.

I’m starting to see some familar names up on the MTB forum :smiley:

Re: Awesome Kid at MTBike review

On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 18:08:06 -0600, mango
<> wrote:

>That amazing kid’s name is Geoffrey (i think thats how its spelled). I’m
>not sure of his last name but i will find out.

His last name may be Webber. There is a ‘Lauri Webber’ on that page
who claims that it is her kid.

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