awesome idea for a video... but possible?

alright. this is what i have been thinking alot about lately.

there are basically three upcoming, underestimated, unique extreme sports that have yet to be fully respected and noticed as a true extreme sport. they are scootering, pogo sticking, and unicycling.

extreme scootering video:

extreme pogo sticking video:

my idea, is to combine all these sports into one big video, and possibly make the video into a DVD or soemthing.

this is obviously a big project and would take alot of time and effort. we would probably need 4 or 5 of the best athletes of each sport to get as much good footage as they can. and we would have to find, among all three communities, a really good editor that can put this all together nicely.

tell me what you guys think.

That would be a pretty sick vid!
Sounds good. I’d buy one.

dude Im sorry but this is a uni forum, we dont need yer silly sport related ideas here. just becuase those two spots allow backflips doesnt make them amazing. The truth is they are goofy and you should try somewhere else to get respect, we uni, we work real hard just to learn to ride a uni, let alone the thechnicality of the tricks. I cant speak for everyone, but I dont want unicycling lumped with other strange sports. Unicycling has been an amazing art for years. Scooters and pogos are for kids, doesnt mean they arnt a real sport and impressive when done at an extream level, but frankly they are goofy, and easy to learn. Unicycling is way more developed anyway, its doing fine without yer movie idea. Street, trails, muni, distance, flat, freestyle, performance…we are doing pretty good I think.

Sorry I dont mean to be rude, but youve tried to push yer pogo mumbojumo here befoere and its not the place man.

i couldn’t have said it better, unicycling is not main stream and it should be kept that way. those sports may be neat but they are nothing like unicycling

Excuse me, could you explain again what makes unicycling less goofy than extreme scootering or pogoing? Be specific.

I think that’s the idea. He didn’t try to imply one was like the others.

Those two guys probably won’t buy the video. So, were you planning on participating in such a project, or just tossing out the idea to whoever might be interested? People can make videos of whatever they want. Don’t like the subject matter? Don’t watch the video.

And unicycling isn’t goofy? Ha, Ha… my head asplode. I definitely like the fact that one has to work hard before becoming a decent unicyclist, it keeps the people with no determination away (leeches).

dude Im sorry but “yer” needs to use the “extream” “speelchicker”, “yer” language is too “thechnical” (sorry :wink: )

I like unicycling as a small sport… “those sports may be neat but they are nothing like unicycling” -agreed.

i never said that it wouldn’t be a cool video, i just meant that i think unicyling should stay small and that a video such as mentioned should not have the goal of popularizing the sport.

I wouldn’t be so quick to judge him harshly.\

If a video w/ these three sports was made (IMO uni would need a longer segment to cover trials, BC, Muni, street, freestyle, and maybee a Whiteface/Diablo hill climb race), and distributed on a wide scale, it could mean some good exposure for unicycling. I was thinking to show how hard it is to learn, the time each rider has been riding, avg. hours per wk., and past related sports could be shown at the end, along w/ UPD’s, or in extras.

I do think unicycling deserves much more exposure than those two sports, mainly because it requires WAY more skill to just ride. Both of those sports take less than 10 minutes to learn the basics, whereas uni takes fifteen hours over two weeks, on average, about 100 times as long. But it is something ANYBODY can learn, the steep learning curve and poor instruction, cause most people to give up verry early and assume only certain people can do it.

IMO unicycling can only benefit by more exposure, as long as it is positive. And a video such as this could do that, depending on how it was made, advertised and distributed.

Hey well if you are agreeing with me cool, 'cause I will agree with you. My spelling “socks”.
Please tho dont come at me about the yer. Yer lucky I dont type yr. I say “yer” not “your” when I talk and I try and type the way I talk. And “yer” is perfectly understandable.

Okay John,
I am not going to go into full detail becuase I know you will just pick and pick. but what makes unicycling less goofy is:
ONE- the artistic value of it
Two- it was not designed for little kids and highjacked by the bored and “extreme”
Three- Its the idea and original sight that make the uni goofy, the skills shown on a unicycle make it verymuch cool and amazing, not goofy. Even when I see the tricks done on pogos are scooters I laugh. It just looks a bit more silly, and I think most will agree.

That’s just your opinion.
ONE- Pogo is just as artistic as Unicycling
TWO-Unis are designed for clowns
THREE-I still laugh my ass off at times when I see extreme unicyling.
FOUR- Pogo PWNS uni even tho I’m a uniier.
FIVE- Pogos are sexy. mmmmMMMMmmm!!