Awesome Day of Muni at Northstar(with pics).

Yesterday, around 15 riders, including myself headed up to Northstar for a ride. It was AWESOME. I got some really good video and pictures in the process, which can be viewed HERE!!!

After riding we met up at Lloyd Johnson’s house for a pasta dinner, good talking, and watching of some of John Foss’ old UNICON videos.

Today we’re heading up agin for a 9 mile ride near Northstar, so I should have a few pictures and videos from that this afternoon.

Enjoy the pics!

ah yes. that was a fun one yesterday! the little wee uni is mine, but i didn’t use it… i ended up using one of lloyd’s extra 24"s.

Cool, looks like fun. Speaking of muni photos…

Here are some from yesterday - (the ones marked “Muni (Sep 05)”


Just got back from the second day of riding, and I’m totally dead. The trail kicked my butt, while it was only 10 miles, it was generally pretty technical(and often times very technical), and there weren’t many areas of where you could ride and relax, so all of us found ourselves walking a few times, some(including myself) more than others.

Northstar was awesome, and so was today, I cleaned a few really technical lines that I am proud of, and can’t wait to ride Northstar more often next year.

Today I got fewer riding pictures, since there were fewer AWESOME riding areas(and since I was towards the back most of the ride), but I definetly got some great landscape pictures, some good video, and a great video clip of John Foss doing an awesome UPD.

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS/VIDEOS OF DIRTY HAIRY/BUTTCRACK!!!(don’t worry, it’s ust the name of the trail, and a rock)

i wish i coulda gone on the 9 miler today… that woulda been so worth the sleeping through french class tomorrow.

(i’m the ugly one in the blue and yellow helmet wearing glasses…:smiley: )
wow… i gotta do something like that again soon…

Pictures look like great ride although what program do I need to view the videos?

They are in .mov format, so Quicktime is required to watch the videos. You can download it HERE!!!

This is CMW right?


we called it “Mini Muni weekend”

it was sorta a small muni weekend… not CMW yet, that’s in october i think. We just got together and went to northstar for a nice MUni ride.

Whassup with the galleries? I haven’t been able to see the pics all day!

As expected (as after last year’s CMW), I have been limping all day. Lucky for me, my office has an elevator to get my lame old a** up to the second floor and back… I had one hell of a time putting on pants this morning; the whole bit of standing on one leg and lifting the other off the floor had me whimpering. It wasn’t as bad as last night’s shower, when the warm water hit the areas-of-rubbed-off-skin caused by leg armor / rock / shrubbery / etc.

How’d everyone else make out? I hope I’m not the only “Lame Duck” today! :stuck_out_tongue:

I gotta give big props to Lloyd Johnson and “Team Truckee” for taking us out into the backcountry… Sunday’s ride convinced me that Tahoe has so much awesome terrain to offer… so many reasons not to go to Northstar and shell out big $$$ for a lift ticket! The pictures just can’t tell the whole story; for every photo op we took there were many others that were just too good to stop riding and pull out the camera.

All I gotta say is FRICKIN’ SWEET!

as soon as my NEW muni gets here in teh mail, i’m going up oneof them mountangs behind mah house!

seeming as saturday was my first real MUNI ride, i can’t wait to have more.
was Sunday’s ride that good? man, i think i missed out… i wish i’d went…

oh well. i wonder if i can weasel outta school for the Santa Barbera CMW… ooh, i gotta at least try.

I put a few of my pics here:

For bay area rides (including ones when we go to tahoe), subscribe to the muni list:


and eric…“Jake” is really “Jason” (meastro8) :slight_smile: