Awesome Custom Nimbus/Kris Holm Trials, White Try-all

Our family is moving overseas, and I need to sell my Custom Trials Unicycle.

  • Nimbus Trials Frame (custom powder-coated safety orange)
  • Nimbus Trials Rim
  • Nimbus ISIS Hub
  • Kris Holm 137mm Moments Cranks
  • Koxx One White Try-all Stiky Tire (non-marking)
  • Odyssey Twisted Plastic Pedals (Glow-in-the-dark)
  • Custom Powder-Coated Nimbus Aluminum Seat Post
  • Primo one-bolt seat clamp (custom black powder-coated)
  • Kris Holm Street Fusion Gel Seat (good condition)

The rim is perfectly straight. There are some scratches on the unicycle, and a small amount of surface rust on the hub. But this is a great trials uni that has been well-cared for, and never been taken on any big drops or other abuse.

$350 or best offer; fast shipping (at actual cost) from Iowa (central USA).

See more photos in gallery at:

PM if you are interested or wish to make an offer.

Those pedals are sick!

someone should snatch this up, awesome deal

I kinda want a KH wheelset, but my K-1 one is serving me fine right now. Plus I have school stuff to pay for!:frowning:

that’s awesome!

I’m hooked but hae to talk to my parents

btw…anything special about the tire?

nice ride. maybe someday.

um…where is the bottom portion of the frame that clamps the bearings to the frame? (sorry, don’t the actual term)

That would be bearing caps.

so now I post the question again…where are the bearing caps?

Where do you live?


dang it! I’m a loser. hahahaha

Couple questions

I’m definetly interested in this uni but I just had a couple of questions-
-would you consider taking $300 plus shiping for it?
-What’s the highest you have ever jumped off with it?
-How good of condition is the tire in? Does it have a lot of noticable wear and tear?

where you at?

The beefy kh cranks are prolly covering them up

I’m getting this unicycle, I’m just waiting for Stevorama to pm me back.

No, they’re definitely not there. I have a Nimbus with Moments and the bearing holders should be clearly visible. I’m sure he has them, though.

And to Hot4uni (or whoever is getting this) you are getting a VERY nice unicycle. I congratulate you on finding such a deal. If I was shopping for a trials, I would definitely not miss this.

hey i know steven but he moved to korea but his uni is here and still for sale, to all of the above the tire is in good condition, the biggest drop he has ever taken is 3ft or 4ft, he does have the bearing caps, the uni is in good condition and he is from orange city iowa. he wont take 300 for it.

Thanks Onza Limey, I will pay 350 for it. Are you the one I should talk to about purchasing it or is Stevorama still selling it? If you are in charge how should I send the money, and if Stevorama is selling it then do you know how I can get in touch with him? Thanks

Emmm Ill ask steven what he wants to do… Youll probably just end up sending money to his sister or myself in orange city and then his sister will ship it or I will ship it too you… Ill try and talk to him today.