AWD envy from bicyclists

Ha… the joke is on the bicyclists, most of my cycles are AWD already :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve always wanted to experience torque steer on a bike.

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Luckily we unicyclists already have AWD installed )—o

it seems to be a bike from the early days of mountain biking. The first well-known mountain bike brand in Switzerland was called Kuwahara. I have one from 1988, it’s still a bike I use a lot. Since it does not have a suspension fork, not much can break, except for wearing parts.

I always have to smile when I watch mountain bike videos from the early days


I have seen some AWD (front motor) ebikes when I worked at a bike shop. It was a cool idea in theory but they tended to spin out when customers accelerated hard.

Also cool idea but it’s about as practical as a uni for commuting so I’ll stick with my uni :slight_smile:

Christini started making AWD dirt bikes I think in the late 90’s, a pretty interesting design using flexible hydraulic lines to run the power to the front hub. It only puts about 30% of the torque to the front IIRC.
I never rode one, but knew some that did.
Definitely an adjustment you have to get used to.
Some love it, some hate it.
Seems to work best in the worst conditions-- slippery mud, deep sand, snow, steep uphills, rock gardens, etc.
They were a pretty popular setup for enduro cross which involves racing through nasty obstacles like this.

Random thought… I wonder, has anybody thought about this already as a comeback for that most common comment unicyclists receive?
“You’ve lost a wheel”

It’s an all wheel drive!

Here’s an old review from dirt rider magazine on one of those Christini awd setups if anyone is interested…


I have seen it mentioned a few times here actually, e.g. on a quick search

I should have realized somebody would have thought of that one already LOL


It’s an all wheel drive! I always describe my muni as a "Full suspension,Allwheel drive Hydrolic disc brake all around offroad unicycle.

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