Avid Juicy 3 Front Hydraulic Disc Brake-New

Just bought these on ebay, but want some old hayes mag brakes so that I can put a pretty pink lever on them. Hoping I can get some money back on these.

Description from ebay: “Brand new, still in original packaging. Avid Juicy Three 3 front brake with 160mm rotor. MSRP $89.99”

Selling for $50 plus shipping OBO.

I’m interested but I can’t find any reviews of these for Muni.
I’m in Utah so shipping shouldn’t be to bad. Let me scan around for some info on them :wink:

Sounds good. I’m going to take them to my LBS and make sure that they are functional. eBay said they were new, but I want to have these guys prove it for me. :slight_smile: Mountainuni1 said they work with the mountainuni disc set-up.

Let me know what you find out :smiley: