average jump hight?(please reply, would like to hear from everybody)

I was just curious what approximatley the average jump hight is for everyone out there. side hopping. please reply, weather you can hop four feet or six inches, just dont lie, i want to get a realistic estimate.

static hops? with or without prehop?
sif/seat in?
rolling hop?
it does matter which type of hop you want to compare, as you can tell there is many types and they have differing results. Not everyone can do every type of hops, tho most people who can rolling hop well can do so much better than static.

side hopping, doesnt matter if the seat is in or out, or if you static hop, just on average, any way at all, how high can you sidehop on to something? and you cant to a rolling sidehop as far as i know, considering you dont ride sidways.

most people do a little prehop to get higher, even the best.

Static Hop - 1.5 feet
^ with pre-hop - 2 feet
Rolling Hop - 3\4th of a foot
SIF Hop - 3 feet

Theres my information on jumps, i would fo put in my rolling SIF hop height, but ive never attempted those, yet lol

what is a static hop anyway?

static hop is where your not moving, think of jumping with a pogo stick lol

oh ok. well yeah i’m not to conserned how high people can static hop, just hop high they can sidehop onto a ledge.

[QUOTE=Mike_Foote… and you cant to a rolling sidehop as far as i know, considering you dont ride sidways.[/QUOTE]

you sure can, just got to rolling hop on an angle… i think that counts…

Hopping on a M-uni

I own a M-uni (is that how you write it?) and I have discovered something about M-unis. THEY ARE FREAKING HEAVY! I can only get about six inches…

But! Rolling, hopping at an angle, and not dying? That sounds fun!

Between 28-30" seat in hopping (NOT seat out)

Approx. 12", I only hop seat in. I’m improving, though.

I don’t know how high i can hop

about a foot all around…all my jops are pretty equal.

I can only do like 20" at my best…

thats crazy high man.
you should post a vid.

24" seat in, cant be arsed to learn seat out yet…

24" sif… my rolling hop sucks


seat in maybe 12" SIF probly somewhere between 20 and 24".

My best for SIF side hop was just over 26", but I never practice that and have only done it a few times.

I can rolling hop the same, easier.