Average hop height for a 50 year old

Since there was a thread called “average hop [height] for a 12 year old”, I wanted to see what people in my age range can do. So if you’re 45+ years old, let’s hear from you!:smiley:

I’m up to about 55 centimeters from static seat-in. For me that’s 4 pallets.


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Hello Terry,

I’ll bet I could do a pallet. I’ve only done some curbs, ~4 inches or 10 cm. I haven’t tried, but might be able to do a 6 inch 15cm curb. Nothing really worth talking about.

Your great Terry!

I don’t qualify. Can’t hop and I’m too young for your poll. :wink:

Way to go though!

Thanks Ken, but when I resumed riding (after a too long layoff :roll_eyes: ) I was barely able to hop up a curb, and I couldn’t even come close to rolling hopping up even the smallest curb. So I know you could increase your hop height, little by little, which is how I did it.

But what the hay…it’s fun as heck to just ride!:smiley: After all, we really have nothing to prove. It’s just that I’ve never had the best judgment, so I just go out and risk life & limb…pretty stupid, but that’s me.:slight_smile:

Four pallets is pretty damn good when going static side hop on a 24 Muni. I don’t know where you’re getting all that spring being so delgado.


“Delgado”? Actually I did it on my KH trials; haven’t tried 4 pallets on my muni yet.

4 pallet_0001.jpg

Have you landed it yet or just gotten your tire up there? Your front foot is way in front of your pedal…

Gee, you sure do sound like GWB (the member)

Yeah I got to the top but wasn’t able to stay on. I was inspired by the other thread about hop height! I’ll admit I just ran out to the backyard and made a few attempts at it, and that’s the best I managed to do before I jammed my fingers on a fall.

I’m figuring that if I can get my wheel to the top, I should be able to land it with more practice.:smiley:
I’ll try again tomorrow. in case you didn’t see the vid, here’s the setup, sound fx and all!


is 4 palets really 55cm? no way thats awesome… i can do 5 palets in tesco the other day :smiley:

i guess since 20x2.54~50cm… its pretty logical wheel high is 50cm about…

Not bad going well done :smiley:

I’m gonna have to measure those pallets again. I’m thinking they’re closer to 5" each, or about 50cm total. Still 4 pallets for me is a definite record, especially seat it.

Hope you accomplish it then MuniAddict. Good luck my friend. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I did my first rolling hop 2 days ago. It was about 5 cm.:slight_smile:


Congrats! That’s better than my first attempt! :smiley:

Thanks Hazmat! I did re-measure the 4 pallets and it came to exactly 51cm. If I can land that I will have to go for 5 pallets! That would come to a tad over 2 feet, or 64cm, seat in. My sif hopping is really sketchy at this point, but I suppose I should try to learn that skill also. So much to learn, so little…Damn you Father Time!!! :angry:

51 cm is pretty good I think my best is about that although I havnt tried anything higher, I have just made a 25" platform but it was too dark to try it so hopfuly I will jump that tomorrow, you should try doing 4 or 5 pallets rolling

ps well done, keep it up

Ahah, my rolling hops are ok for distance, but not height. Don’t know why, but I’m trying to figure it out. Btw, I’m almost done with my next “Uni-Geezer” video, and it will show me doing FIVE pallets! Coming later today I think. Stay tuned… :sunglasses:

I would be happy if I could hop up onto a curb with some consistency. I don’t practice hopping enough to be comfortable with it. Maybe this year…

How high is 55 cm in inches???
I can hop up about 28 or so inches seat in.