I’m going to the store in a few hours, and the only unicycle they have is an Avenir 20" for $75. Is an Avenir a good bike, and is $75 a reasonable price?


ive never heard of it but 75 is a good price for a beginner unicycle

a 20" learner is gonna be pretty generic, they’re all fine for learning, and will break fast if you start doing anything remotely tough.

Honestly, I’d check to see if the seats comfy, as that is a good asset to learning :stuck_out_tongue:

Greatest beginer uni

Stock, a Torker ax 20. Really light and nice, with a decent seat.


I have never ordered from this place, I got the link on the forum a few days ago.

The ax series Torkers is the best of the low end uni’s IMHO. The quality is real high and the weight is real low. It’s 2 lbs. lighter then a KH 20, and will last forever, as long as you don’t ride it like it’s a KH 20.:slight_smile: