Avenir Deluxe

I always had a bit of a problem with physical dexterity, tried yoga and such, so I thought unicycle would help me get a bit more of control for sports etc. I mostly want to try it around the house and wherever there is kind off soft deck like carpets, grass, whatever. I wasn’t after nothing fancy, just something good for beginners. So, I’ve looked on Wall Mart and Amazon, and I liked this Avenir for around $60.

Delivered by UPS in 3 days, it arrived disassembled, in a lots of packaging. Actually all the packaging was heavier than a cycle itself and considering that cycle is made of metal and packaging is just cardboard, there was a lots of stuff for throwing away. There were no instructions, but I dealt with cycles whole my life, so that was no impediment whatsoever. It took me about one hour to put it together, mostly because I attached cranks wrong way around and had to disassemble it, and start again.

So far I tried in only in my living room. I have lots of space in the middle of the room and some light carpet. Good news is that no, tires do not leave any marks on the carpet. Now on the balance side of things, 20" wheel is quite easy to maneuver and easy on the beginner. The best I managed so far is about 60 secs. The best place for practicing seems to be a corridor, because you can obviously lean on the wall, that is, if you have nothing hanging on it, like pictures or stuff.

So far I am really happy with the purchase. It is great thing for ocasional adrenaline rush. Only thing I bet I would look silly, being forty something, to ride it outside.

Congrats on your first unicycle. The Avenir and its ilk are good, inexpensive unicycles for learning. It sounds like you’ve made good progress so far. One bit of advice: riding outside is way too much fun to worry about looking silly.