Avarage Crusing Speed of a 29" Unicycle


I have 150 mm cranks on my 29. I want to go smaller to add a little more power and speed because it’s too easy to pedal what I have and I want to go faster. Any suggestions for a good size that’s not too small??

I have the new KH29 with the double-holed cranks, so I can put them at 125 or 150. 125 is great for commuting and flat, non-technical muni; I can still get up hills okay if it’s paved. It’s fast enough for me–around 8-9 mph for easy cruising. I’ve tried smaller cranks–102s on a 26er–and didn’t like the feel much, so I don’t think I’ll go much shorter than 125s on anything, just because I like spinning bigger circles with my feet, I guess. But I’m pretty long-legged, too (like a 35" inseam), so maybe that makes a difference.

I bet the narrower one would, which is better than the fat one for crowned roads and climbing.


I guess I’m just slow. I’m lucky to maintain 7 mph for distance rides on my 28" sun. I have a bike computer that is calibrated pretty accurately.

Never tried a Coker but I have to admit it sounds like fun for distance rides.

<personal opinion> Measuring over a distance of only 41.25 feet is too small of a sampling distance to be significantly accurate. Measuring with a handheld stopwatch for such a small period of time is also not accurate. To be more accurate, you need to extend your sampling distance significantly. </personal opinion>

In order to travel 12.5 MPH on a 29-inch unicycle, you would have to turn the wheel at a rate of 145 revolutions per minute (RPM).

In order to travel 10.94 MPH on a 20-inch unicycle, you would have to turn the wheel at a rate of 184 revolutions per minute (RPM). That would be more than 3 times per second!!

My AVE SPEED on a 29

I can help you with this. Today, I traveled 1.25 miles on slightly winding, moderately hilly roadside on my 29. I clocked myself on this distance and it took me 8.5 minutes. That’s almost 9MPH. I was pumping, too. This isn’t my best speed on the 29, however. I’ve clocked myself at 12.6 MPH top speed on the 29, but this was a short distance. Going fast for a long time wears you down, especially when the road is hilly. Going fast comfortably, you should be able to achieve 7 to 8 MPH, mabey more. It depends on the road, distance, your physical condition, your crank size, and wheel size (which is why eveyone will opt to use the 36"). I hope this helps!

I did my first measured “time trial” yesterday evening on my 29er. I rode 3 miles, non-stop, in 22 minutes. The road was mostly flat but had two small (steep) hills. There was a slight head wind for part of the way. I used 150mm cranks. That calculated to be 8.1 MPH.

I was pleased with that. I think that was good for me. :slight_smile:

I have riden this route before with 125mm cranks but cannot get up or down the hills with the shorter cranks.

On a five mile ride, I took 45 minutes including a few UPDs and some short breaks (1-2 minutes each). About 1/4 of the ride was hills that I could barely ride up, though I wasn’t in great shape. 125mm cranks on my 29er.

Removing all the interruptions, I probably averaged 8mph. I went fast on the flats to keep it at a workout level.

yep. And I did it. I even had someone check my velocity w/ a radar gun and it’s accurate, too.

I’ve been pedalin’ a Yuni 29er (with 140mm cranks and 2.35" Schwalbe Big Apple tire @ 42 pounds pressure) on local bike paths during the last three weeks. My records indicate that during that time I’ve logged exactly 13 hours and 30 minutes of saddle time to pedal 97.7 miles (or an average of 7.2 mph, according to data obtained from my Cateye Enduro computer). Of course, I’m not racing but I do get enough of a cadence to get the heart rate up several times during my 1-2 hour rides. I imagine that a well-conditioned athlete would do much better than that, especially if s/he was using a shorter crankset. (Note: The bike path topography follows a river, and the inclines along the path varry between 2-3 percent, and seldom exceed 5 percent. Hope this helps! --carl (Norh Dakota)

The last ride I did on my KH 29er, with T7 and 125mm cranks, was 14.9 miles, took 1hr and 37min, avg speed was 9.1mph, and top speed was 15.9mph :astonished: (a new record for myself). I usally dont try and push the top speed that high, I start to loose some controll a little over 14mph.
I am pretty sure my avg speed would be much lower without a brake. I can hold 11 or 12 pretty well down a hill, without the brake I get sketched any faster than 6 or 7. tho a 14mph upd down a hill is pretty scary. :roll_eyes: