Available categories to report a message in a thread


Came across some spambot posts pre-migration and I discovered the report post dialog. It is a lot simpler and faster to properly report a post !

However, it raises the question: when it is a spambot that posts a message vaguely related to the thread, should it still be reported as spam? Or should we have a bot option in this menu ?

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Can you provide an example?

I do not have the exact link to the thread but I reported 2 cases today: one spam in central asian language and one vague message about potatoes chips that was off enough to be a spambot (only activity).

And this second case was not a spam per-se but the behavior could be from a bot making the report category not quite spot on (except if bot activity = spam no matter what the message says).

I suppose you can choose the last option then? If I understand well. :smile:


However, based on the last few years on this forum, there is both types of bots (plain spam and vague messages).

Just wanted to make sure reporting was useful and not confusing :grin:

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Nah, don’t worry about that.

Also, spam posts are drastically reduced since the upgrade because we have automated features that detect potential spam accounts before they are even able to post anything. The account is set on hold and the team either approve or delete it.

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