Availability of Cokers

Does anybody know what’s up with Cokers at unicycle.com? Are Cokers being made&sold anymore, or is this a delay due to waiting for the rumoured redesigned Cokers? It seems like it has been a long time.

I sure hope they appear sometime soon. In the meantime, I suppose I can use short cranks on my 28" and pretend it is a Coker… having never ridden a Coker, I can only imagine. But I want to get back into distance riding, and from everything I’ve heard a Coker is best for that.

Cokers are dfinetly good for distance, and very fun when doing muni on one. =p

As far as I know, Coker is coming out with a redigned coker, so thats why the older models are off of UDC right now.

You can e-mail both coker and UDC and they will be able to tell you excactly whats going on.

And if you do email either of them and find out what’s going on, please share the info here.

Just got off the phone with Coker. Still no definite information on:

A. a possible redesigned Coker
B. whether they’ll continue to sell any cokers at all (they still have none in stock themselves).

In fact, the guy who was in charge of the project has a different extension, which no one there seems to know (anyone remember his name?). When I talked to him several months ago he was talking with the manufacturer and was hopeful to have them ready by August. In subsequent talks him seemed less and less hopeful.

I have a $100 gift certificate for a new coker :frowning: Think they’ll give me cash? :roll_eyes:

I just hope once the new coker comes out that UDC keeps that current one on there website as I would rather have that than any “redesigned coker.”

How do you know? The intent is for the new ones to be improved, though I don’t know what they’ll end up with (if anything). I know the primary concern was to keep from upping the price.

In any case, sounds like all the “original” Cokers are sold out until further notice. What about the Radial 360? That’s a separate unicycle so maybe you can track down one of those.

Since udc just plain removed them off their commuter section, I did a google search and found both links. Both the radial 360 and coker links were there, and apparently the radial 360 is sold out until Nov., and the coker is sold out until Dec.

Isn’t the Qu-Ax 36" a decent option?

I haven’t spoken to anyone at Coker since NAUCC when I was able to get them to donate the “LAST” Coker for the raffle. It was actually assembled from spare parts they had laying around. The project seems to have stalled. The guy that was heading up the redesign is no longer with Coker, and the project hasn’t really been reassigned to anyone. Coker is a tire company, and the cycles and unicyles they sold are likely just a small part of their business. Not a huge incentive for them to rush into a new product. They could always make the same one they have always made, but I think since the idea for the redesign was hatched they are resistant to ordering a container of a product that is less than what they wanted. So who really knows what the future holds?

Yeah, that’s the radial. :slight_smile:


Looks like these websites have some in stock.



UDC used to have the advanced coker on there site, but they don’t anymore. That sucks.

I wouldn’t worry too much about coker made cokers. You can actually buy all the parts to make a nice coker off unicycle.co.uk (and presumably unicycle.com) now. Even the tyre doesn’t have to come from coker tyre any more.

I hear there are some cool new 36" frames and related parts coming from unicycle.com soon anyway. They look fab. Dunno when they’ll come out, but once they do start selling the nimbus 36"s I guess no-one will want a coker coker anyway.


I had an email from roger a few weeks ago saying he was expecting the new cokers in the last week of september

Spoke to roger this weekend, The latest version of the UDC 36 will be out in about 2 weeks time.

The old UDC 36 will also still be available (currently out of stock) if I understood correctly.

The new version is very nice, I have ridden the prototype and it is possibly the best 36er I have ridden, very nice looking too.

Hope that helps


New Cokers in around 2 weeks? I’ll wait and see rather than rashly buying a Coker somewhere else now.

I haven’t even ridden my 29 in like a week, so it’s not like I’m dying for distance riding.

But I did ride my 24 fake-muni yesterday. Wow what a work-out! I tried some trials-like stuff on a rock wall, but couldn’t do it at all. I was inspired by all the “callout” videos :).

But I ride the 29 tonight.