Autunm/Winter '08

Hey guys,

Its been absolutely ages since we last put out a video, so heres our latest one.

I bought a High Definition video camera but my computer can’t handle the footage from it so I have to use the standard res mode. Only the trials was filmed with it though, the rest was filmed on a digital camera. The music it a bit of an experiment, its the first time we’ve used a dance track.
Not the best riding, but we haven’t been out riding in a while so we’re a little rusty still.


Great video! Especially liked the trial parts :D!

My favourite Edd!

Lovely video, I liked the dance music. Great riding although I didnt understand why the bit of you sending a text was in, and was highly disapointed by the lack of comfy chair footage. I really get off on that.

Its great to see Leo on a real Muni!! He’s looking so confident on that North Shore now. It was also a pleasure to see AJ taking to the MUni, although you can still tell how street he is. I must also note that the see saw cam was rather novel.
All in all, the video was a pleasure to watch. I will add it to the many many videos I have of you, Edd Hawkes :wink:

I look forward to ride with you soon (remember to sign up for BMW!),


Don’t hold out!

Sexy vid’ Edd!

nice! i liked it! but i think you could have edited it a bit more uniquely.

Yea that was so great.
I really enjoyed it. The muni will look sweet with your new camera. The quality was great even if it wasn’t on full quality.
I agree that you could have edited it a bit more unique but it was still a great video

cool vid !:slight_smile:

wow, this makes me want to ride muni again soooo, bad.
i think you guys may have sparked something inside of me that died
long ago…

great vid,

Thanks for all the comments guys. This is a sort of transitional video, mopping up some of the last digi cam footage we had aswell as footage from the new camera. Next vid will all be decent quality but I will need to buy a decent computer to handle it first :angry:

Glad its made you see the light Justin. Get that Muni out!


EDIT: Opps, its Edd!

That Muni Northshore stuff is fun-ass looking. Nice city riding too.
Liked it!

please put it on youtube! I can’t watch vimeo…

Just for you Goats :slight_smile:
Although youtube has completely fucked over the quality! :angry:

thanks a lot!
now I have to download it since I can’t watch straight from youtube, Lol.

That was really nice!!
i enjoyed it!