autumnel coker jaunt

Our plans for a new forest ride having not quite worked out, I went for a ride
on my pwn today rather than with Jerry. Still despite the solitude I had a nice
ride out along the Thames valley on tracks I know well and the up Whitchurch
hill to meet a friend for lunch at her workshop in an old farm. Riding out of
town I saw hardly anyone on the bridleway to Mapledurham, then had to pass a
gang of workmen hedge trimming on the narrow flinty bridleway up to hardwick,
thankfully I managed to stay on while riding past them, they all stoped to look
and cleared off the path so I could continue.

As I reached the outskirts of Whitchurch I passed a Horse rider who recognised
me from a ride I did in the spring, when we had once again , that time in the
woods on the other side of the village.

Afterlunch , Natilie tried out the coker , shes not even been on a 20 inch for
some years but she made a very credible if wobbly go of it across the lumpy
graveled yard. Then I headed back to reading by a less muddy route, sampling
some more of the quiet back lanes through beech woods that are so typical just
to the north west of the town.

Not a bad ride, it showed that I haven’t done a ling ride for a little
while, but the cobwebs can be blown away. Roll on a New Forest ride some
time next month?