Autumn 2010 - Flatland

Hi, after problems with my frame, shoes and so on, i did next movie. Enjoy it.


great. love the editing and riding :wink:

nicely done. grats.

wow :smiley:
i love your style!
really nice editing!

buchi :slight_smile:

awesome video!
the editing was perfect and the song went great with the riding and filming as well!
hoping to see more come from you in the future:D

Awesome! love your style :).

Nice editing and very good video. Congrats!

nice editing, creativ riding and good filming!

I really love your vids!! always nice music, riding, editing…
and your style is so nice ^^

I didnt like the editing :S. I really didn’t like the boarder around the video. I liked the intro and credits I guess but I didn’t like the boarder and the flashing. Some sick combos though.

Thanks to all, i’m glad that you like it, in the future is probably
that you will see next thing. But now i need break from filming :smiley:
I understand that not everyone has to like it. I did it after me, but if someone don’t like it, it’s his opinion.

Yeah the boarder was a bit irritating… So maby don’t use it the next time…
But thats the only bad point I can give for the editing ^^