Autism Rides!!

A true example of how anything is possible. If you met these people prior to seeing this video, you would not believe they could ride one wheel, let alone two.


If they can do it, so can you!

More smart people riding unicycles… :smiley:

Not to stereotype–not everyone with autism is crazy-smart. Or everyone that rides a unicycle, for that matter. But that’s a great little class you have there!

But yes, I would believe they could ride one wheel, and nobody should doubt them.

Thank You John!

Inspirational. Make me want to get out there and ride!

True, the spectrum is infinite, I see many kids and adults with autism, and just like people everywhere, they are just as varied in their limits.

In my experience, the more physically active a person can be, the better the connection between mind and body.

I’m not an advocate for computers and video games in kids, esp those who struggle with social skills and adjusting to environmental stress, it seems to delay and possibly inhibit skill development.

So unicycling, trampolining, song and dance, acting, any structured skill building that incorportaes mind and body :slight_smile:

and I gotta build me a uni trainer, those things really work!

Your are absolutely correct! Do you work in the field?