Australian UniNats

The UniNats are being held in Sydney Australia
The following is a quote from the Australian Unicycling society.

"The 4th Australian Unicycling Nationals (Uninats) are taking place in Sydney, NSW from Saturday September 29th to Monday October 1st, 2007.

Registration is now open for Uninats 2007! - To guarantee your place in Uninats, see the Uninats 2007 Registration page. Early-bird discount on registrations before 1st September!. Uninats is open to all unicyclists, of any age or ability, from any country.

For more information visit the AUS site at

Use this forum to communicate about who is going, where you are staying etc

That link isn’t working for me. I’m going, but I haven’t registered yet though.
I’m staying at my uncle’s house. I can’t wait!

Me neither. Try this:

Hi folks. I made a typo, it is indeed
My appologies

Day 1 100% successful

What a great day. The organisation was superb and the venue amazing.

add a street comp and ill be there next time. im crap at everything but street so forking out a coupla hundred bucks to go down doesnt seem worth it.

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