Australian UniNats 09. ?

I’ve searched and can’t find anything on this event?
Has much been planned; dates set?

Your imput would be appreciated.

Uninats 2009 will be in Wollongong, NSW over Easter weekend 10th-13th April

Venues, timetables and registration information coming soon!

me and Dan were talking with the main organiser and he was saying
around Christmas time some venues will be announced. and i think were
going to go down and find the best park for street comp. (Y)

man im looking foward to that ill be there

yea some details r now on the AUS website

scott (the organiser) just called my dad to organise the track events so all will fall together pretty soon hopfully

I’ll be there.

I’ll definitely be there.

Wow. Are you coming to Australia just to compete?

The last uninats sounded like waaaay too much fun. I’m not gonna miss this one.


Ill be there :slight_smile: Team NZ !!!

So samsta… Planning to compete in the Trials and Street comp because we are in the same age category :slight_smile:
What stuff can you do?

I’ll have been riding just over a year, come nats. I’m working on rolling 180s on my quax that will be upgraded after chrismas with a kris holm wheelset. I can 360 on my nimbus 16 but not on my 20 yet. I’m more into street/flat (and gliding) but i have at least one friend thats coming with me thats our age thats a real natural at SI trials. He rides a green and purple Nimbus Street/KH. He’s good at old school street too.
I wonder what age the junior cuts off. I’ve been contemplating what i’ll compete in as i know i’m a noob but i do want to have fun, just not waste peoples time aswell.

15 is the cut off age and u hav to b australian to win anythin (cause it’s the aus chapionships) but the kiwis r still allowed to compete for the fun of it which is wat i’ll b doin anyway and prob most otha people too

Can you still compete if you’re under 15, just not win?

Yeh you can win aswell.Its just us kiwis who cant win cause its Aus nationals and not NZ nationals

Hey Guys!

Sorry about the threadjack!

I saw that Chris will travel from NZ to australia. How much cost a fly to between AUS and NZ? Is AUS an expensive place?

May I will try to spend some days in there before UNICON in 2009!

Thanks, and sorry again about the threadjack!

wat?? i meant that 15 is the cut off age for the junior section. u can compete (and win if ur good enough) at any age.

-14 and under for the junior section
-any age for the open section
-and i think around 45 for the senior section

Question… What if racing events are on at the same time as a trials comp and I would like to compete in both? Is it just too bad then?

How do you know what’s on when? Is there a newsletter or something i’m missing out on?

Im pretty sure theres nothing on at the same time as another thing