Australian Uninats 09 Countdown!!!

Looking forward to meeting everyone and getting lots of footage to make some wicked vids.

Me and Mike arive in Sydney at 8:30am on the 9th and leave at 7pm on the 14th. Plenty of time to riiiiiide :smiley:

Anyone keen to ride in Sydney on Tuesday, PM me your cell and you’ll definitely be seeing me as soon as i arive.
I’m really keen for some night rides after the busy uninats scheduals in wollongong and would be awesome to have a big crew to ride with, maybe a local to show us around?

Me, Michael P. and Kevin W. are staying at the wollongong hostel. If you havn’t got a place to stay yet, go there!!! Awesome rides to be had ^^

Can’t wait!

--------- 28 days to go!

17th NZ Juggling Festival Countdown

17th NZ Juggling Festival

There will be plenty of time to ride there too- I might go on the 18th but it starts on the 19th of March til the 22nd, and it is near Piha. You should come if you can afford it Christian.

Can’t wait!

-----------8 days to go!!!

Wow am I the only one excited???

27 days to go!!

I’ve signed up but I’m still looking for people from Melbourne who are going. Anyone can help me hook up with the Melbourne people?

I’m pretty much new in Melbourne so I don’t really know any of the riders yet.

OMG how much is it to stay in the hostel thing?
Hell yea I’ll go on some night rides and do whateva! :smiley:


For the hostel, you need to be atleast 17 :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you have some 17+ to supervise i think ? Also my countdown on msn is the time till we leave for auckland and not the time till uninats itself

I half knew that. I thought your countdown was for when we arive in Aus, not for when you leave nelson.

Thanks for adding another day mike, sheesh.

28 days to go… again… :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll be there but i think i will only bring my Muni and 36er because my trials has bent as hell cranks- old 05 kh tubular ones. I will be staying with some relatives of mine but would like to get some keen guys together to do some extra muni rides, and also hit the town to get boozy at some stage. The oxford pub is a cool place to go out and usually has live music and stuff as well. get in touch if your interested.

I’ll only be bringing my 20’’ so no muni for me…

27 days to go!

26 days to go!

25 days to goooooo :smiley:

Training is getting intense.

23 days to go!

Haha, it seems your the only one posting in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun.


And I’m not even an Australian!

Man you guys are slack :stuck_out_tongue: Expect a kiwi to make your countdown thread and keep it alive. Sheesh.

Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh 23 days to go woooooooooo !!!

is anyone just going to hit up some spots after the comp becuase im to stingy to pay but still wanna have fun

I’m more excited for the night rides than the events :sunglasses:

Anyone other serious flat/street/trial riders staying in Wollongong?

Gonna be sick :sunglasses:

Gonna have to find out how to check into the hostel after hours.

Of course, of course :slight_smile:

22 days to go!

You know ive stayed at the YHA before…We each get swipe cards.We just swipe the keypad at the door and it opens for us,then it locks itself when it closes.