Australian Uni shirt?

Can you buy those? I like the design.

What sort of a dog is that on the left… probably same on the right but i cant tell.

But is that a Golden Retriever + Cocker Spaniel?

Re: Australian Uni shirt?

Wow, what fabulous tee-shirt models! (Sorry, got distracted by the models instead of looking at the shirts.)

It’s actually a picture of Ben and Brad (and Abby & Riley) after UNICON XI, 2002 in Seattle. One of the neat cultural things done at these international events is the trading of tee-shirts and other souvenirs. It was a lot of fun and very educational…including learning about root beer, Twinkies and Marmite.

We made friends with David and gang from Aussieland and traded one of our club shirts (Ben is modeling) for the Australian shirt (Brad). David told us that they had designed the shirt for UNICON X in Bejing and that the shirts were based on a traditional Aboriginal pattern. I’ve always thought the shirts were one of the best. Another great shirt that year was the one designed and brought by the Filipino team (shown below).

I don’t know if the Australian shirts are still available, perhaps someone on the group from down under could better answer the question.



Both are Goldens. :slight_smile:

The Australian Unicycle Society T-shirts are highly desirable. A very cool design. I managed to get one at the last UNICON. It’s one of my favorite unicycle T-shirts. Very cool.

The Australians should bring lots of T-shirts with them when they go to the next UNICON. They could sell and trade lots of T-shirts.

My other favorite unicycle T-shirt is my Toronto Fred shirt (picture attached):


I’ve seen that design on someone’s icon. Looks like some rastafari design. :slight_smile: Actually reminds me of Santa Barbara for some reason…

Blast now I can’t find who it is who has an icon that looks like it…

Edit: Hah! Found him! andrew_carter

Yes, tp make that icon I took a photo of my shirt. :slight_smile: They’re not for sale yet, but Wayne (the Australian Unicycle Society president) and I (just some guy) are thinking of investing in making a second batch.


I remember you won the Fred t-shirt when you were the first registrant of the Toronto NAUCC.

I bought one of the dot painting design T-shirts at the UniNats last year. It was a version 3.0 shirt. [Version 1.0 said “UNICON X, Beijing 2000” across the bottom, version 2.0 had a line across the bottom as does V 3.0, which also has yellow sleeves.]

Have they really sold out already?

Rayden - you could try and contact Karen Martin-Stone, AUS president. Contact details on this page: AUS website


Are you sure they’re just plain goldens? They don’t look it. In fact the one on the left looks exactly like my dog… soughta scary. I can’t find a picture but trust me… they look exactly the same.

Anyway my dog is a golden retriever + cocker spaniel.



Yep, 'fraid so. Both are pedigreed through the American Kennel Club. Abby, our female on the left in the picture, is a medium to dark Golden with a very curly coat while Riley, our male on the right, is a medium Golden with more of the European Golden features, long flowing coat, lighter color (sorry…colour), and wider face and muzzle.

Goldens were developed at the end of the 19th century in England from the water spaniel, irish setter, and the curly coat retriever.

This should probably be in the old “Pets” thread over in Just Conversation.

How about this to keep it on topic? Mary doesn’t ride a unicycle yet but says when the dogs learn to ride, she will.

Here’s my dog, just to show you.


Yes, Tony, I’m pretty sure Wayne told me they’re all sold out.



What a beautiful dog! She looks like he/she(?) has a very playful attitude as well. I think Abby is a bit bigger, though. She’s about 65 lbs., somewhat small for a Golden, and Riley is sitting at about 85 lbs, more average for a male Golden.

Still, neither one rides a unicycle. :slight_smile:


Thanks Yoopers, they are both great looking dogs you got there. I just thought the one on the left looked quite similar. And yeah she’s really playful… with people. She obsessed with people it’s kinda embarassing. But she hates all other dogs :frowning:

Oh well she’s still cool. But yeah, just thought your dogs were pretty cool too.