Australian Skateparks.

Are unicycles allowed in skate parks in Australia?

Yes, but people might occasionally be pricks to you.

ofcourse their allowed, an noones ever been a prick to me, everyone loves the uni :slight_smile:

Cool then I am probably going to go there this summer.

I’d just ignore them if they want to be try-hards or jerks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or me because i prefer to ride during the late afternoon/early evening hours where their are not alot of people around. So i can also go ape-crazy on my machines and my friends usually meet me at the skateparks too. We mostly outnumber the bikes/scooters/skateboards when my mates come with their 1 wheel machines. :smiley:

Cool beans, where are you going to go while you’re in Oz Cody??? :smiley:

cody most skate parks are public parks(free)you would be welcome check out the parks on( ) use the find parks feature to see pictures and comments

Some nice parks there. It’s funny that bass hill park got 5 stars though. Cause i live close to it and don’t really find it that fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but you gotta remember they rate it on how good it is for skating not uniing. bass hills pretty good for the rails and ledges, landed my first crankflip there, good times.

WHOA!!! Nice work. :smiley:

I don’t remember where I’m going and its not for sure right now.

:thinking: :thinking:

Hey Cody,

Have you ridden at the Chico or Oroville skateparks? I’ve ridden a little in Oroville, but Chico is supposedly only for skaters (although I’ve been about tanked by more than one bike there when on my skateboard).

I am going to go to Tewantin I think. PKittle I went to the Chico skate park on Monday and tried some stuff but it was really wet(thats my excuse for not being very good). And where did you here that unicyclists weren’t aloud? I had a guy I know look up the definition of bikes, and unicycles don’t fall under them. That means that we’re considered pedestrians.

You’re right, unis aren’t technically covered by the California definition of a bike (I think it says vehicles with one or more wheels driven by pedals and a chain–the chain part is what disqualifies most unis). But we’re way better served by being included in the bicycle definition than pedestrian. If we’re pedestrians, we can’t ride in the street, for instance.