Australian riders skill list

add the main trick/s that you can do.
eg. dont bother with things like mounts sif etc.
ill start

Gabe:360 unispin, smallspin, rev, 5 set, 180 unispin 1 handed. 90 unispin to tyre then 90 out, leg around. if i think of more ill add them.

mount with pole
static freemount
rollback mount
jump mount
180 jump mount
180 unispin
ride one footed
one foot idle

so all in all i pretty much suck.

things that are easy that i cant do:

ride backwards.

Heres my bag of tricks :astonished:

-ride 1footed
-1foot idle
-ride backwards
-really bad at ww
-rap-around mount
-ride down stairs
-small crank grabs

:thinking: Can’t even imagine doing a unispin???
I’m working on sif idling and sif backwards, hopping on tyre, ww, and riding 1 footed (left foot)

just remembered tyre grab down 2 set (probs 3 by now)

wee i have been waiting for one of these (without even realising it)

I can:

Do mount thing where uni is on ground then under me :slight_smile:
do wrap around mount thing
jump mount
180 jump mount
180 unispin (most of the time)
210 ?? to tyre
rolling hop (yeah i am proud i only learnt to do it propaly just before my uni broke)
ride backwards (but not really really well)
one footed
crank flip plant think using bench/wall as leverage.
Highest stair set: 6 (although all stairs vary in size)
crank grab to rubber.
drop off shite
pull sick facial expressions whilst riding and trying to dodge nannas
Thing where one remains static and drops the seat down then picks it back up.
(gee i need to learn what some tricks are called)
Fall off.

And just as Gabe forgot… Tyre/rim grabs

oh so we include tasmania in australia now do we

hahahahaha and footplant crankflips to mine. and grinding. working on footplant hickflips. highest drop is 4 foot. my shoulder height.

edit:may have a vid coming soon. i learn new stuff every week so my old vids are…well…old.

whats a small spin and how do you do one?

7 set
180 unispin (almost 3’ but not quite)
tire grab down 4 set
1 ft ww
glide (kind of not really, about 20m)
zero plant
double leg wrap
seat push
tire varial
90 unispin to tyre then 90 out
backwards rev
no footers
a whole heap of mounts
BC wheel - backwards, 180’s

Definition of Australia:
A commonwealth comprising the continent of Australia, the island state of Tasmania, two external territories, and several dependencies. The first British settlement, a penal colony at Port Jackson (now part of Sydney), was established in 1788. The present-day states grew as separate colonies; six of them formed a federation in 1901. In 1911 Northern Territory joined the commonwealth and the Capital Territory, site of Canberra, was created. Canberra is the capital and Sydney is the largest city. Population: 20,000,000.


thats pretty exact figure!

isnt it over 21,000,000 now? i thought it was…

nah uh

add zeroplant to mine.

closer to 21 million than it is to 20 million.

man, that’s alot of people. So here are things i can do

  • Skate mount (don’t ask)
  • SIF, SIB
  • Ride between poles, cones etc (8 out if 10 i don’t stack it)
  • Freemount (1st thing i learnt b4 pedalling :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Can pedal backwards for a short distance
  • Really bad at ww

What i’m learning or want 2 learn if possible. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink:

  • SIS
  • 360 and 540d Unispin
  • Backwards freemount
  • 2 feet on 1 pedal riding
  • coasting on frame
  • blindfold

have you ever tried riding blindfolded? its pretty much the same as riding normally, not harder at all, you just cant see whats in front of you!

i can

180 unispin
sif jump
ride backwards
glide 10m
one foot
one foot idle
no foot idle(cmon ask ,i dare you)
90 unispin
whole lot of mounts


jump mount
180 hop then fall

adding to my list:

1ft backwards (for about 10m so far)

How do you no foot idle dan?

you did dare me!:smiley:

Yeah i did, but then i went into a street pole. Luckily i was wearing a helmet and pads. So no serious injuries. :smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

well i get my feet up on the tyre and move them back and forth , i can go for about one minute on doing this on my trials