Australian Riders - New Video

I just uploaded a video I shot with Dan Cowling.
First video I’ve shot and I’m keen to get some comments/critique
Have a look and let me know what you guys think, watch in HD!

That was such a nice vid! such a sick place to ride.

Only criticism I have is to use a tripod in those first clips, and it wouldve been perfect.

That was sick :smiley: Where was it filmed? the trials course was epic too :stuck_out_tongue:

that was awesome :)! such great colours in that warehouse thing. really flowy riding and editing. loved the in-in 360 drop gap and the early caught flip off the ramp landing on the down ramp… awesome video!

what an awesome video! Filming was great and quality was amazing!


Video removed by user?

I want to see this so bad

What?! Where did it go!

I was thinking the same thing:(

Ahh. I only had the opportunity to watch it without sound. It’s a shame, the video had such smooth flow.

What happened to it? I would like to see it now that I have sound!

sweet it’s back up:) I really liked the shot of the rolling hop over the pallet and 1:19. very well made.

Enjoyed that. Great filming, and well put together.

Sweet! Very nicely put together. Such a cool place to film, love the graffiti

It’s private…?

I want to see it… :frowning:

I watched it before if went private and it was sweet…

Its private and we wanna see it sooooo bad :frowning:

God damn it. Stop teasing me! ¬¬