Australian MTB Enduro Calendar 2012: Join in the fun!

Hey everyone,
For the last few years I have been crashing various mountain bike events here in OZ. Overall the experience has been really great- and I have discovered whole new areas of the country and their trails, pushed lots of personal boundaries, and met lots of really nice people. Races usually vary from 50-100km and are challenging, but very do-able by competent XC/Muni riders. I am looking to compete in a whole bunch of these events in the next year in the lead up to UNICON and would love to have some extra unicycle riders joining in the fun. I’ve been researching races and have a list of ones that sound good. So have a read and let me know if you are keen on any of them in particular.

Here they are:

25th Feb: Rocky Trail 100 (Canberra: Mt Stromlo Mountain Bike Park)- 33km/66km/100km/100mile

4th March: Karapoti Classic (Wellington: NZ) 50km

17th March: Capital Punishment (Canberra: Kowen State Forest/Majura Pines/Mt Stromlo)… 50km/100km.

22nd April: Wombat 100 (Victoria: Wombat State Forest). 50/100km

22nd April: Tathra 100 (NSW: Tathra) 20/50/100km.

5th May: Convicts MTB race. (NSW: St. Albarns) 50/100km

27th May: Rock Wallaby Enduro (N.S.W: Appin) 50km (note: the website for this one shows the date for the 2011 race- not the 2012 date. The race will be on the 27th!)

2nd June: Bottle But Enduro (N.S.W: Port Macquarie) 50/100km.

30th June: Husky Enduro. (N.S.W Callala Bay) 50/100km

Hey Mark. I’m already booked in for the convict one at St albans

I’m going to talk to my wonderful (in case she reads this :slight_smile: ) wife about a couple of the others.

There is also the Otway Odyssey on Feb 18 with 100, 50 and 15km. The 100km course has heaps of climbing but the single track at Forrest is some of the best in Vic. The 50 and 15km courses are all in this fun flowy stuff.

Hey Rawcyclist- yeah that race looks really fun. It might be a bit far for me to travel to (I am moving to Newcastle at the end of the year) but I will keep it in mind.

@ Rob- It would be great to have you come along to some more of the races this coming year. Will you be doing the 50 or 100 at the Convict race in May?


At this stage I’m booked in for the 50, but depending on how my training goes I my try and change that to the 100

I’m almost certainly going to do the Huski and at least 1 more. Maybe a 6 by 6. Not sure yet.

Hey Mark/Rob, I’m in the convict on the 29er. But two wheels this time, haven’t done much muni lately. char

Hey Guys, Really would love to join ya’ll for some of these. I’ll put them all on my calender and see which ones I can make. As long as I don’t have any more stupid injuries, I’ll try and make maybe half of them. Hoping to get a Schlumpf for Christmas (if my fiance is reading this :wink: ) but don’t think it’s gonna happen so I best be working overtime so I can at least have a fair chance to compete with you Mark! Re-post here as the comps come up as a reminder and I’ll re-post here after I register for any.

Mark will you be doing the 100 or 50’s for all the races? I know you had mentioned you wanted to start training more sprint type races so does that mean you’ll more than likely do the shorter ones? Or a bit of both?

Awesome- it would be great to have you around for some of these Jamey! Are you heading over for UNICON too? If so I’d like to talk to you about creating a team for the Grischa Muni challenge (week after UNICON:
and another XC enduro comp happening in Austria the week before UNICON- I remember seeing the name of it somewhere but haven’t been able to find any extra info on it just yet.

I probably should start focussing on shorter races- but when i see that the rego for the 100km event is only $20 or so more than the 50, I just can’t help but go for the longer option! More muni for your dollar.

So far for me it looks as thought the Rocky trail 100, Capital punishment and the convict are a go. I’ll probably enter the 100k option for both of these. We can use this thread as a heads up for any new races or events that we are interested in participating in.


Wow that’s quite a list! If I ever get a chance to travel to Australia I’ll be sure to bring my GUni and try to coordinate my trip with an endurance event (it’s what my wife and I do now when we travel except it’s typically running races we do).

I’m just looking to participate in some more local/regional events this next year with an overseas running/touring trip next summer… would love to take the uni but that may not be in the cards…

Good luck! I’m insanely jealous!

Anyone ever considered doing one of the 24hr enduros on a uni? I’ve done the Mont 24 on two wheels the last few years and not seen unis. Might give it a shot for some of my laps this year.

I’ve done a 6 by 6 race which was the first and last 6 hours of a 24 hour race.
It’s a good intro / practice for a 24 I reckon.


Bump! Who is going to do the Karapoti Classic? I’m thinking about it… not sure if I’ll be able to afford it, or be fit enough for it :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t make the Karapoti this year unfortunately. I would love to race it again but I am saving hard for UNICON later this year and also my overland Asia Bike touring trip. You should definitely have a go at it- I’m pretty sure Ken Looi and a few others will be there racing.

The First race out of the list that I will be at is this one.

25th Feb: Rocky Trail 100 (Canberra: Mt Stromlo Mountain Bike Park)- 33km/66km/100km/100mile

Not sure what distance I will sign up for- will probably make it the 100km one to make it worth my while driving down there from Newcastle. Anyone else want to join me for it? Rob? I could pick you up from sydney on my way down if you are keen?


It’s looking more likely I might be able to do it… any tips for nutrition and what have you done in the past re water, I have a 3L camelbak and ussualy use bars and barly sugars, I would definatly need more than 3L water :smiley:

As far as I can remember, some of the other riders last year were able to get a water bottle (and whatever nutrition you can tape to it) given to them at the 1/2 way point- they had to give it to race organisers early on race day.

For my Karapoti race I had a GU energy gel every 45 min (5 all up), and had 2 bladders in my camelback- 2.5l water, and 2l potent staminade (electrolyte sports drink). I also had 1 muesli bar and one peanut and chocolate slab.

As for advice- find a copy of the race description/map and study it. You don’t want to be racing with no idea of what is left for you to ride. Know the climbs, when you need to push hard and when you can relax. Drink before you are thirsty, eat before you are hungry. Wear lycra cycling nics (no undies!) and get some chamois butter for your taint- No need for over shorts (they will just chafe really bad after the river crossing that starts the race)

Watch the other categories starting before you to find out the best river crossing point. Be courteous to faster riders passing you on the flats, and humble when you overtake them on the climbs. Oh, and try to have fun! Its a tough race and the conditions can be pretty dire but it is also a great challenge. Best of luck with it. Make sure you do a write up with your experience afterwards.


Thanks for the great advice Mark! I’ve decided to do the Karapoti another year when I have time to do proper training and will hopefuly have improved my back injury…