Australian Mountain Unicycling Weekend 2010!

Ok folks, this Easter long weekend event is good to go and all we need now is for lots of enthusiastic riders to make it a memorable one. Join up on the facebook page so i can get an idea of numbers etc. If you are not on facebook here is the info from the page.

Welcome to the Australian Mountain Unicycling Weekend 2010 facebook page!

There has not been a mountain unicycling weekend held in Australia since 2004, something i have viewed as a great shame considering Australia’s great off roading terrain and its vibrant but small riding community. This year on the Easter Long Weekend all Mountain Unicyclists are invited to Canberra and the Mt. Stromlo forest Park ( for 4 days of non competitive unicycle related mayhem on some of the best singletrack Australia has to offer.


2nd April- Arrive in Canberra. Welcome BBQ at 52 Williams St Watson Nth Canberra from 5pm (BYO). If you arrive early and would like to go for a ride at Mt Majura (just across the road) get in touch and we can organise something from around 2pm. Also, this will be your best opportunity to update your AUS membership (you must be an Australian Unicycle Society member to participate- ie be covered by insurance for the event)

3rd April- 9.00am Mt. Stromlo forest park Amenities/undercover area. Split into groups of approximate skill level and hit up the trails for as long as your legs can carry you. I will run a beginners intro to Muni workshop from 9-10.30am for beginners and younger riders.

3rd April- 7.30pm NIGHT TIME RIDE! (byo lights). Ride the same trails you did in the day in some challenging new conditions!

4th April- 9.00 am. Mt stromlo forest park. Same idea as the day before, but mix it up with riding groups, styles of riding (XC/DH).

4th April 2.00pm. RIDERS RIDER COMPETITION. Sponsored by
This is an exciting addition to the Australian unicycling weekend thanks to Mark and Kevin Wharton from Riders are asked to make an anonymous vote as to who they think improved the most, had the best attitude, were the most enthusiastic throughout the weekend. The rider with the most votes wins a BRAND NEW MUNI! (or commuter unicycle if they choose).

4th April 7.00pm- Social event in Civic (Canberra CBD) Dinner then some well earned drinks at a local establishment (the latter part of the evening will be 18+ only)

5th April- Nothing official will be organised for this day (as many people will need it for commuting and recuperation) but if any people are still up for more riding something could be organised.


  • To be an AUS member
  • An adequate unicycle
  • helmet, gloves (shin pads recommended)
  • something to carry water, sunscreen, tools, snacks in.
  • Tools to fix tyre flats on the trail (spare innertubes etc)
  • lots of energy and enthusiasm!

Dang, I really really want to attend this but I just found out I have to work that weekend. I will try and get it off or at least try and drive down for one or two days of it.

Only a week to go!

We have also updated our site with some more news!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Hello everyone!
Only a few days to go now wooohooo! So here is a final update for the Muni weekend. All participating riders get a free Australian Mountain unicycling weekend shirt from thats to Mark and Kevin Wharton- cheers guys. We also have a very nice 24" Qu-ax muni to give away as part of the riders rider competition and an additional secret prize that can be won by participating (and winning) a xc race on the Saturday. A photo journalist from fairfax will also be coming down from Sydney to document the event. Weather is set to be mostly sunny 7-21 degrees with a moderate chance of rain (less than 1mm in both cases). It is hard to exactly predict attendance but i am expecting to see at least 20 different riders out at stromlo at some stage this weekend. (Jamie-work is for pansies. i definitely think you should get down like james brown and make it to this event) Time to get excited! See you all then- if you come into any problems and need to get in touch my mobile number is 0403048631.

I’m going to try and make it down for at least one ride…already commited to work but can cancel if it’s raining or windy up here in Sydney. Here’s to hoping that it rains up here and is nice down there all weekend long, it’d be perfect!

good on ya Mark for making it happen! Hope you guys have a blast this weekend.

Hope you guys are having a blast. I really really really wish I was there with ya. But turns out the weather was nice here in Sydney all weekend so I must work and doesn’t look like I will make it down there this weekend. HUGE bummer for me. But to make up for it, I will be planning a weekend trip there sometime in the next few weeks. Hopefully I can get some of the locals to show me the trails. Also, if there are any extra shirts left in Large, I will buy it! They are awesome.

Ok so i thought i should do a little write up of how the weekend went. We were lucky enough to have 3 days of lovely moderate Autumn weather that were perfect for riding. Turnout was really good with people making it from Brisbane, Sydney, south coast, Aulbury and all over the ACT/NSW. We had a photojournalist come down from the sydney sunday herald to document the event (there will be a slideshow online and some pics in the paper this weekend so check it out!).

The riding was great with everyone finding a group and set of trails to challenge themselves with, and for the super keen- the same trails by night provided a really fun way to cap off the first day of full on riding. The weekend was (almost) incident free- on the last day Kevin Wharton (trials god), Tom trevor (4th in world Unicon hillclimb) and myself (XC world camp 19-24) were doing some filming on the DH double black diamond DH runs when i bailed pretty hard and tore all the ligaments in my right ankle! Kevin has it on film and it should go in a little muni film from the weekend to be released soon.

A big thanks to for the sponsorship of the t shirts as well as the Qu-ax Muni and qx muni frame that we gave away. The winners were well deserving riders. I hope you all had as much fun as i did, and i look forward to Uninats where we will get to ride some of those trails all over again.

If anyone has any feedback from the event or suggestions for tracks to use for uninats then let me know and i can pass that info on to the organisers.

cheers everyone,

It was a great weekend,Mt Stromlo is a near perfect venue for Muni and unicycling in general.If it had a chairlift to the top I would score it ten out of ten.If anyone has the opportunity to attend an event like this in the future I highly recommend you do so.It doesn’t matter what age,riding ability or unicycle your on it is guaranteed fun.Mark I hope your ankle mends quickly.


Hi everyone,
Just thought i would post a link to the slideshow that is on the Sydney morning herald website. Its pretty good (even though it starts off with a bunch of trials photos!). Check it out!


This story published in the Sun Herald and syndicated papers, you would have trouble figuring out that it was a muni event,but it put unicycles in the paper.


Yeah they kinda missed the whole mountain unicycle weekend thing and just went with a general unicycle article with some pretty pics.

On another note kevin has uploaded a video of the weekend (with footage of my ankle explosion at the end) here


Looks like an awesome time. Still pissed I missed it but it was either have fun and spend money or work hard and make a few thousand. Very tough choice. I will be there for uninats for sure and plan to make a weekend trip down there before that. Thanks for the video. Looks like some sweet as trails.