Australian Freestyle Unicycles?


I was looking at and I have a question, what is the best freestyle unicycle that you can buy in Australia? I wanted to buy the nimbus freestyle X but it was very expensive because of the Wall street crash!

Opinions would be greatly appreciated!:D:D:D

Are torker DX’s any good at freestyle?

If you changed the cranks out i suppose, but its a begginer trials/street uni. Ill look for you. gimi one second.

K, theres this…
And this
and this (not recomended)

The nimbus street would be pretty good if you changed the tyre. Thanks SHAY CAM

Your welcome. May i suggest…

The fly ruben of course.

I could buy a nimbus X freestyle frame and wheel set and put them one my other unicycle.

Why? chances are your other unicycle is crap?
(assuming because you want a new one)
Why mix good with bad?

I suggest not. Get the nimbus X.
Thats your best choice.
Its a sick uni.
Take my word for it.

All I would be keeping of the other uni would be the seat, cranks, pedals, seat post and clamp. And the cranks are around 105mm.

i believe will have some pretty and good quality k1 freestyle unicycles when it’s all going… well actually the only one udca bought was sold already but i’m sure we’ll be getting more in orders to come…

Koxx one are too expensive

no they aren’t…

how much are they

about 5-600 dollars US

yer, to much, my limit is around 350

And I was thinking that the nimbus street would be a very good uni. Would I have to change the cranks?

Any suggestions?

There is a nimbus X freestyle on, but the picture is wrong?

No thats not it, they took it off so they could fix the pic.