Australian Downhill: Mt Stromlo

Hi guys,
Just a short video of Scott Lynch and myself riding the UCI World Championship Downhill MTB course at Mt. Stromlo here in Canberra Australia. Hope you enjoy! There are some stills as well from our weekend of riding in the ‘Pictures of your latest ride’ thread. The picture quality is not great in the video but i think the riding makes up for it.

Nice riding, I wish I had trails more like that near me

Tough stuff … rock and roll man!!!
Way to hang.

Looking good!

You guys are going to blow the mtber’s minds.


Awesome stuff. Looks like quite a technical trail. Good luck with the demo :slight_smile:

Very cool vid.

Keep up making videos of you downhill rides. There are not enough good downhill vids out there and you definitely have the skill and trails to make good videos.

Nice riding 1 What wheel size are you guys riding 24"?

Michaelgoround-We are both riding KH24" Munis.

Thanks for the comments guys- feel free to rate the video on youtube as well :roll_eyes:

This was just a quick project in terms of the actual video- hence the bad quality, stock standard editing etc. But we are hopefully going to work on something good for Unicon. I think we have the trails and the riding ability to make something that looks really good.

On another note- for the demo i was thinking of making a shitty shirt just for the event. Just a plain white T-shirt with something scrawled on it with permanent marker- i was wondering if you guys would help me think of something . Pretty much it can’t be too long because then people won’t be able to read it as i ride past and thats about it. So far i am thinking of a simple ‘balls of steel’ but can have my mind changed if you come up with a better one.

Thanks for watching,


Looking forward to seeing it :wink: