Australian Chiltern Muni Weekend - what was it like?

There was a Muni weekend in Victoria last weekend - what was it like? Who went? I’m dying to know…


As am I. I’d love to see some photos. I really hope a whole stack of those Melbourne riders made it there. I was disappointed to have missed it.


Re: Australian Chiltern Muni Weekend - what was it like?

I don’t know, because while I and a bunch of the other melbourne
unicyclists were planning to go, that fell through. However, my hope is
that the castlemaine unicyclists might have made it - there’s enough of
them that it would have been a good event if a reasonable contingent
made it there. I’ve just sent an email to the only person I knew to be
planning to go, so he might reply here and let us know.

The nice thing about an event like that one is that you only really need about 5 riders to make it a really fun weekend.

We had somewhere between 10 and 15 in 2004.


Chiltern Muniuni

Hi this is Mal the organiser.

It was great. There were 8 Muni riders. 13 yo Tom Lambert was great, 13 Yo Matt Clark rode a JuggleArt uni with a road tire and tried everything. Beat me up a hill (grrrr). I was on a CF and thought I was pretty experienced. Matt had never ridden off a basketball court. Must be a message there somewhere.

Down Pipleline proved a challenge.

There is a small report on
I will post one on my website as soon as I can get some time and will send a report to Karen at AUS tonight I hope.

That’s great to hear Mal. I’d love to see photos if you have any. Organising everything on the day of the event is far less stressful than you might anticipate isn’t it, sure the lead up to it can be busy but the actual weekend is very laid back (it was for us anyway, and I’m assuming it was for you).


I will post some photos on the weekend. I have some good ones but probably did not take enough of the steep bits as I was selfishly riding. The other guys said they will send me a selection so will see what happens.



Great to hear it went well, Mal.

I know exactly what you mean - the best sections are where you want to ride the most, so its easy to forget to take pics!

Do you have a carbon fibre (CF) unicycle? I am impressed! Where did you get it?



yep I have a Roger Davis Carbon. It suits a 26" and a 29" wheel. I usually ride a 26. It took ages to get and then cost a disproportinate amout of freight, GST and other duties.

Even though it is very light, at first I was dissapointed and had trouble riding it account of the springiness. Now I love it, but as I mentioned somewhere, a beginner kid beat me up a hill.

I guess the difference is I weigh about 85 kg and am 52. (Thats my excuse anyway). Regardless of the beginner kid (Matt Clark), I would still ride the CF rather than a steel beginners. That’s just me. Basically we pay a lot in the southern Hemisphere for good stuff.


Julian Laffey has a report here

Julian has better pics of the big hill than me.

Mine will be up if all things go according to plan by Monday.


Muniuni Weekend

I have a small report on my site at

Mal (alias Billblogs)