G’day guys. I haven’t ridden in a couple of years and I’m just getting back into it after moving house and quitting the job that robbed me of all my spare time… Now that I have the time I’m getting back into it and had a couple of vids to share. Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and if you’re a rider in Aus, hit me up, I’m living in Albury/Wodonga on the NSW/VIC border.

Falls Creek 2016:

Yengo National Park 2014:

That falls creek track looks like amazing fun

Also you should try and hold your seat when doing muni as it will help with stability.

I am in Canberra so at some point a 5hr drive may be worth it to try that.

Yeah, it’s been a long time since I rode last. I’ve been watching a lot of guys riding in the last few days and kind of critiqued myself. Holding the seat was one of the things I picked myself up on first. Cheers for the tip though.

Let me know if you’re ever keen to come down. I’d be happy to car pool it from my place. It’s only about an 1hr and a half from Albury to Falls.

Some nice riding and great trails. Thanks for sharing. =)

Too easy man, thanks for the kind words.

I can also provide transport, if I ever get past the falling off stage.