Australia NSW Mid north coast unicyclists?

Hi, My name is Patrick and I live in woolgoolga on the mid north coast, I Have never seen a unicyclist anywhere near me and i was wondering if there is any, I am awaiting my new KH20 in the mail at the moment and I really want to get to know some unicyclists from around my area. I am only 14 But i don’t mind riding with any age. Is there anyone from here that wants to meet up? Or is there already a group??


I worked in Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie last year. Used to commute around on the Unicycle. I might head back there sometime later this year.


O well thats cool, Know any from around the area? I feel kind of cut off from any other unicyclists :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent three months in Coffs but I don’t think I saw any other unicyclists. Pity, there is some really good riding there.

I grew up in Coffs; bellingen and then toormina.

Are you a member of AUS? Give the secretary a email that your looking for riders in your area, you may just luck out as they have anyone’s home-address - etc.

I live in Grafton, just off Coffs, great place Coffs is

What do you mean AUS? I am not a member never herd of it either :P. I only started riding 4-5 weeks back.

I used to live at Coffs too…
AUS =s Australian Unicycle Society www,

They run the Uninats which are on again in Wollongong next year.

:smiley: Here are some other unicycle riders if you’re interested. :smiley:

You might find someone who lives in NSW who is willing to ride with you maybe. :smiley:

Thanks, Unfortunately i am the only one who has posted I searched all the local areas towns and stuff to no luck :frowning:

Have you tried the yellow pages in search of local unicycle/bike clubs. You might be surprised as to what you may find. :wink:

Ill try that this arvo thanks!