australia/new zealand muni, here I come!

Hey Folks. I’ve just booked a trip to Australia and New Zealand for some hardcore muni action!

I’ll be in NZ from Feb. 26 - March 4, and in Australia from March 5 - 11.

I’ve been talking with Peter van Boekhout about riding in/near Nelson, NZ.

But I don’t have any contacts in Australia yet. I plan to fly into Sydney and check out Melbourne, too. I’m guessing I won’t have time to go very much farther.

Are there any Australia riders out there who can show me the trails? I’m looking for the most technical riding you have.

Also, if there is anyone else out there who wants to fly out for a serious muni trip, scrounge up some free miles, and join me! It’s gonna rock.


I’ll be in Wellington at that time. If you’re up this way, you should have a go at the Karapoti Classic on 1st March:

It’s our most hardcore mountainbike race with it’s own Unicycle Category for the last 5yrs.

If you’re just into riding, then check out the Queen Charlotte Trail in Picton. Not far from where Pete lives.

Are you going to Australia first? I’ll likely be working in Port Macquarie early next year too. It’s about 4-5hrs drive North of Sydney. Lot’s of good riding and lot’s of beaches.

Check out the NZ Unicycle Forums too:
You should be able to arrange to meet a few riders around the country.


I’d be happy to show you the hardest corest tracks around Auckland. I know of some excellent trails. There is also plenty of very good riding to be done in Rotorua, Wellington and the South Island. the Queen Charlotte Walkway is a great ride if you want a multi-day muni epic where your gear can be carried by water taxi to the next night’s accomodation.

A great resource for muni riding in NZ is the Kennett Brothers book ‘Classic NZ MTB Rides’. You can get it at book shops or you can read my copy when you are here.

Awesome, guys. Thanks!

Nelson is out because Pete won’t be there. Now, it’s a toss up between Wellington/Picton and Auckland. Maybe I can do both, provided a short flight. Australia will come after.

Let’s be in touch!

Wellington has much better MUni riding that Auckland :stuck_out_tongue:
And it doesn’t rain as much :smiley:

Also, hopefully we’ll have a few riders down here for the Karapoti Classic. I know one Australian rider who is coming over that weekend just for this race.

Picton is really only good for the Queen Charlotte. It’s a 67km singletrack ride which normally takes 2-3 days. It’s nice but I don’t know of any unicyclists there.


Near Melbourne, the You Yangs Park, has some technical stuff, a few shore trails, that kind of stuff, in the Stock Yards area. I got there by train to the nearest train station, and riding out, was about 40 mins ride out. Only a single days ride there, but it was good riding. Kangaroos and wallabies on the trails there which was pretty cool.

Probably not the type of riding you’re looking for, but I did the trail linked below. It’s accessible by public transport from Melbourne (train+bus to Daylesford), and is a (long) day ride, with train back or places to stay at Castlemaine.

The first 15km or so is not legal for bikes and had lots of technical bits, the next 15km was easy wide tracks, next 30km was relatively easy singletrack.

In New Zealand, if I were you, I’d go for the S. Island, cos it has proper big mountains, and tons of riding. If Pete VB is in Christchurch still, you should get him to go and do some riding from there. There’s good riding in Christchurch, downhilling that kind of thing, but you can also go to the southern alps and do some proper big rides, I’d totally recommend Craigieburn, but also further s. there is tons of riding (all in the New Zealand Mountain Bike Rides book).

Makara Peak in Wellington was nice, if a bit the same as built trails everywhere else in the world.

One thing is that a lot of the best riding on the S. Island requires some uphill riding and can’t be shuttled at all, for example Craigieburn has 700m of climbing, the Wharfedale Track has something like 800m of climbing, if you’re not into riding uphill at all sticking to one of the cities and riding built trails would make more sense, but you will miss out on the best riding.

The Queen Charlotte Track is really good fun, but there is nothing technical on it, 99% of it is cokerable.



It’s not that tame! I think a 29’er would be better.

The South Island is definitely prettier and has some gnarly riding, but as Joe says, you have to put in the effort to make it worthwhile.
Have a look at the pics from our SINZ Tour:


The You Yangs is pretty good, the Dandenongs have some good tech stuff and Lysterfield has a rock garden which is pretty tough on a muni. All are close to Melbourne. I’d be happy to show you around, pm me if you’re interested.

oh man, I’m droolin.

Maybe remind the people showing you the trails there’s a good chance you’ll break them :slight_smile:

NZ / AUS trip continued

Ok dudes. I’m ready to start really planning my trip to New Zealand and Australia. Ken, Tony, and Joe, could you possibly send me your email in a private message so we can chat about logistics? I’ll be in Wellington on Feb 26-Mar 4 and Aus on Mar 4-Mar 10. I’m looking for recommendations of specific places to stay and the locations of specific trails to ride. It would be awesome to meet and ride with all if you if you’ll be around!


What sort of MUni are you bringing to NZ?

You’ll be just in time for the Karapoti Classic on March 1st in Wellington. It’s probably the oldest and toughest Muni race there is.

I’ve got a friend Sean coming from Australia just to do the race, so if you want to come along on 1st March to the race let me know. You can enter online:

I think entries have closed but they usually let unicycles enter late because there are so few of us. Just email Michael Jacques the organiser.

Check out the local Wellington website:

I’ll be showing Sean around Wellington so I can show you around too.

Will PM you my contact details.