australia - extreme unicycling on TV sun 19th 12pm 7

hey all australain unicyclists…

three of us are gonna be on planet X TV tomorrow 12pm on channel 7 for a show called Slamfest.

it shows a few clips from our demo tape, and a bit of preview from OWA. and it makes me look like an idiot in an interview.

should be a very good watch nevertheless.

and its on nationally. so everyone in australia can watch it.

and remember the 10th of janurary.
thats the official release date of OWA.
its at the dvd place now.

get it anywhere in australia from

tape it and put it on the net for us non aussies to watch

Yes could you do that please?



I’m gonna be watching it Tomsey, as will Nick. And… well… we don’t know how to put it on the net, don’t you need a computer that has a TV input or something? Maybe Tomsey could just ask for a copy of the episode on CD then he could upload it or something?


What you do is hook your camera up to the audio and video output of the TV, then record on the camera…that should work. I’ve done it before.


im on TV in 20 minutes, full feature interview…

yep ill tape it and post a video here

Awesome - Do you know if anyone in NZ will be stocking OWA - like

NZ will be getting 5 copies…

tell tony to get more

haha… it looks funny.

even funnier for all you non australians to watch…

i say “that sorta thing” 3 times in the interview…

and they called it freestyle unicycling, not me.

i have it for you guys to watch but i need to send it to someone to upload it to a gallery. its 12mb in size

can someone give me an email adress… or send it over msn or something?

my msn and email is send_me_a_tomsey (at) hotmail (dot) com

You ought to sell copies of the movie for download, I think you’d make a lot more money (and a lot more people happy (: )

shut up james how about he posts it for free lol:D :sunglasses:

ok the interview is here…

alex toms’ planet x interview

i hope you like it

Nope, didn’t work.

Did you ever get around to compressing it to under 10MB? If so, email it to me and I’ll put it up.


yeah didnt work for me either

me neither


Me neither…